Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Change in plans

We are pretty flexible.
That is something we learned as soon as we began a family, flexibility is a must.
The girls have been packed for a week.
We were supposed to be heading to Arkansas today.
With our snow here, 8 inches at mom's in Little Rock and 10+ in Batesville at Aunt Tonia's, we are staying home. Such sadness surrounded our house last night when we pulled the no trip plug. While it was for the best, we were so looking forward to family and hunting.

I guess it made Harper mad as she decided to wake at 2 this morning and scream until 12:10 or so. Yes, 10 hours. No UTI, only a trace of bacteria (damn you Elmo extra sensitive bubble bath), no strep but super red throat, crazy sinus infection that is apparently not contagious because she has had it for two lingering months. Her white blood cell count was okay, a little off but with her blowing snot and red throat, it made sense. Poor girl took a super hard fall yesterday so it bruised the side of her face (and all of or hearts!!) Add scraped knees from Christmas and then the surgical glue on the other side with bruises, she looked pathetic. Her nose and face was crusted with dried snot and the site of a nurse or doctor put her in our panic. Our sweet ENT (who is the greatest thing ever!) is seeing up next week rather than waiting until mid jan. Sounds like another surgery is in our near future unless we can get a grip on this never ever ending sinus infection, watery eyes, two months straight of antibiotics. We are on number 6 in a month. But on a positive note, she te two chicken nuggets, a little veggies and half a deal of yogurt in her chair tonight. That is big for the baby girl!!

With all the fussiness going on today and snow, we worked around the house. The husband tackled his side of the closet and bathroom and I worked on HG's room. Poor girl still had 2t/3t panties in her drawer that she was wearing and 3t clothes in closet. No wonder they didn't fit much. She ears a 5/6 now. Tomorrow we will tackle more rooms.

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  1. Sorry your plans got changed. We can take it a lot easier than our kids can. It's so hard on them. I would send Boyd over, but he's hacking again. :( These colds just won't go away. Today I'm spraying Lysol and washing our house down!