Sunday, December 16, 2012


This weekend was good quality family time. We accomplished projects around the house that ha to be redone after some recent painting. Harper and I tackled her room one morning before 7. I boxed up clothing that is too big with hopes it will work out next fall. I boxed up stocking and favorites for 'just in case' and gathered some for friends. One with super cute twin girls and one expecting a precious little boy in a few short weeks. They will both be excited which brings a smile to our faces.

HG and I began working on her teacher gifts. Being room mom, I had to come up with something crafty and not something I have done in the past. We are working on a scrapbook in the shape of apples and each page will have a different gift card. We will place these in super cute reusable bags. Everyone loves gift cards! HG has a big week, super fun though.

HG went to bed with fever and woke with it around 101. She just feels 'under the weather' but can't pin point it. Hoping not another ear infection! Maybe just a 24 hour bug. Harper was down by 7 and up four times before waking at 5:50 for the day. Let's just say I wasn't the happiest person today. Nap, yeah that was less than an hour alllll day too. I knew she couldn't get comfortable but stiiiiiiilllll, go back to sleep. This afternoon, she has been throwing up and spitting up. A low grade fever, 99.8 so Nothing to worry about. Naturally, I felt like the worst mother because I too had a terrible belly ache that came out of no where. I thought i was going to get so sick in the car on the way to lunch. It was one of those sick feelings where you couldn't tell if you were sick from starving or sick from sick. The husband, he is feeling fabulous. Well, that is a lie. Three cranky girls isn't the best situation but he is doing dainty and just put together an awesome light for his office. We hung his Texas A &M prints yesterday as well. They look SO good, he had them framed in these beautiful frames. We are both so happy to have them framed....finally! Those who know us, it is a running joke about hanging the diploma up. Every time we it up, we move pretty quickly after. Lucky for us, we know the answer already so on the wall it goes. :)

I'm watching the bachelor wedding as I drift off to sleep. Yes, sometimes I just love this romantic stuff.

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  1. Cute pictures here!
    I love your Christmas card, I'm not sure if I told you that or not. :) It's so pretty.

    Sorry about the sickies. Boyd woke up coughing and stopped up, and he told me he sneezed and got boogers all over his sheets but he cleaned that up himself. haha. I'm hoping you are all well, all of us are, for Christmas!