Tuesday, December 18, 2012


It is Friday y'all!
I feel like I just laid my head down on Sunday night and woke up today.
Okay, noooot really but in terms of the way it just flew by, I do.
Our Holiday celebrating kind of starts today. Poppy is on his way today and then the rest of my family arrives tomorrow. We also have an annual tea in the morning. We are excited about the next few days! Poppy with join both of my brothers (and families) at a hotel while Mia and Auntie Collins stay with us. Bella girl is already with us. :) Everyone arrives at different times on Saturday and due to early bedtimes with babies, we will do our celebrating after brunch on Sunday. This year, we opted to dine out and not worry about the mess of cleaning up. Luckily, we got the last spot for a party of our size at a place we could spend hours. Hopefully it will entertain the three kid o's who might be extra busy at the lunch tables. Everyone will head for other Holiday events on Christmas Eve and we will head to do ours with the Husbands parents locally. It is great they live so close to us and no hours of traveling this year.

HG is on Christmas break after having her program yesterday. She sang Hark the Harold Angels and Go tell it on the Mountain, two of our favs! After the program, everyone enjoyed a big cookie buffet where no one really stuck around to help clean up. Why do people do that? Ugh! It would have gone so much faster.

The husband flew back in late Wednesday or actually Thursday morning. We had terrible wind on Wednesday night, one of the worst wind storms I can seriously remember in DFW. Our reindeer and snowman flew, toys and the top in our fort outside flew, grills and chairs moved, toys in boxes nicely put away on a shelf were all over the yard. While all that was taking place, the husband was on a plane somewhere above us. I just kept worrying (okay, having another glass of wine to ease my nerves) and worrying. This wind, it was brutal and seemed constant. By the Grace of God, they landed safely but took a little more than double his normal flight time. He laughed and said there was no way I would have handled the flight. I never worry about heart attacks in myself, unless I am on a plane. It seriously is one of my greatest fears, not the smooth sailing on a plane but the one where you loose thousands of feet in a few seconds. Yep, peeing my pants and a heart attack are my feared results. I have two flights (4 round trip) this spring already and I am praying daily about those already. I know of another one or two trips we will have to add, I too will begin praying for those when booked.

Harper's eye is healing nicely. The bruise and the cut are growing better. The dr glued it pretty tightly and for the most part, it stayed together nicely. Of course, it is on the face and will probably scare a little but we can handle it.

HG has been working on a few of her last minute Christmas presents. Well, not really last minute in idea just is getting to them and working on them. She assembled them and decorated them for many in our family.

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