Saturday, January 26, 2013


The husband made it home Thursday night and was greeted to a lovely dinner by HG.
The baby was of course already asleep
She made us all pizzas, waited on us and even cleaned our table.
It is a fun game for her and helps me out.
We enjoyed a 2010 J Lohr wine to accompany our pizza.
He had a nice time in Indy, much colder and snow but still managed to tour some nearby towns.

Friday was greeted with an unexpected play date with Mrs Nicolle and Boyd.
It turned out that play date was just what we needed.
Both girls, whiny and cranky from being cooped up.
HG asked if they could come play every day.
She thinks she is a baby doll.
She enjoyed her lasagna but her belly didn't later on. One day, she will over come the tomato issue.
Friday afternoon was a quick trip to the dr.
Luckily, we were one of two families in there at our scheduled time.
They were there for the flu mist.
HG has had this rash on her ankle since before Christmas.
I've tried everything and it does itch.
Hoping a steroid cream will clear it up in a week or off to the Dermatologist. 
The Pedi wasn't sure exactly what it was but said it was really deep in her pores.
She loves this.
I love that she loves it.
It was mine.
We spent many hours in the play room.
It is a scary disaster right now.
HG is looking for a bunny.
Harper found the lotion and washed her hair with it.
Why she loves it, no idea!

She opened the dishwasher, climbed on it and put some of her breakfast on the counter.
I swear, she is a monkey.
This is one of the last things not updated in our house but it is spotless now.
I followed these easy steps.
Here is the mess I was talking about from HG.
She climbs from one thing to another. Luckily, this is super close to the ground.
fudge, I just couldn't stop.

Our Saturday was one spent indoors.
Hopefully the weather will be nice tomorrow so we can go out and play.
The husband had a RE class all day.
The girls and I had fudge, two broccoli/rice/chicken casseroles made, green bean casserole and pork chops marinating all by 10 this morning.
It is amazing what all you can accomplish when up with the sun.

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  1. Thanks for letting us come over. It was just what we needed, and it just made our day so much better and brighter. Boyd had a ball too, and you know he didn't want to leave. :))

    I love that HG is wearing your old gown. That is the sweetest thing. Your shower looks amazing. I need to click on your link.

    I need to get to cooking like you did. I want to make a couple of things for when Kevin gets back in town tonight, and to have leftovers for the week. I need to go raid our freezer I guess.

    Have a good week!