Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Surprise snow

We are back home, not unpacked but home. Or at least most of us are. The husband, he left for Cleveland as soon as we arrived. Colorado was nice, low key fun with perfect hosts. We have lots of fun people around here now. Mia, Auntie Collins and Cristi.

We had a full day around here yesterday and finished up with a super healthy dinner. It is never good when a doctor tells you what you need to be eating. Cristi showed up both mornings shortly before 8 and spent the day playing with Harper and I yesterday. She even took all the ornaments off the tree for me. That is a true friend, Christmas take down can be brutal. HG loved seeing her and calls her the Popsicle lady. Harper, she was in the best mood all day long and enjoyed Cristi's bubbly personality. Mia had HG for a week and drove all he way to take me to a doctor appointment this morning. Auntie Collins came out to wrangle the girls. HG cried last night, at 11pm, because she wanted to sleep with Auntie Collins. My girls love their Auntie as do we.

Thunder storms turned to snow in he early morning hours. It is such a bright glow the snow puts off that I had to do a double take. I almost didn't believe my eyes. Ice pellets covered our morning yesterday and snow today. Wonder what tomorrow holds.

Next week, HG celebrates her half birthday at school. Summer time babies rarely get to celebrate with their friends at school so this works out perfectly. We have debated on renting the water park out again but with our move, a few health issues and already saying a low key 5th birthday.....yeah, ugh we can't decide. She wants a purple pony though. Ha. HG will make her cupcakes for her class on Monday after swim and we will celebrate Tuesday morning. Daddy, Harper and I get to join in the fun as well.

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