Monday, January 28, 2013

Birthday week

Shouldn't all birthdays be celebrated? Birthdays definitely change as you grow older and have kids. Some years, I'm excited just to get a cake. This year, I am beyond blessed to be healthy. 2013 started out as a scary year.

The husband, he is a very last minute guy so he is always searching for something fast and easy. HG is opposite, she will work for a week on a card, wrap various toys and things to give and wants to open them for you. She also had $10 to pick out something for me, zebra flats. She is too cute! I was also treated to a Mexican dinner and we all survived dinner without any tears. Maybe because we showed up around 5 and the place wasn't full.

The actual day of my birthday began at 5:50 in the morning Harper wanted to go outside. Yes, she was asking to outside over the monitor. 45 minutes later, she moved on to oatmeal. I knew she was up for the day. She was cranky, drool to her ankles even with the teething necklace on. She would just pull on her jaw and cry. Poor gal. We dropped HG off, Harper screaming the whole 30 minute ride, and headed to Chick Fil A. Luckily, she fell asleep mid bite of a hash brown. Even in her sleep, she would hold her jaw. A short nap, I cleaned a bit and off to Costco we went. Holy cow! I walked out with various things (nothing for myself) which included 30 double rolls of toilet paper, 210 diapers, Mac n cheese, pinesol, laundry stuff, salsa and a $6 book for Harper. Wow, I hit that $100 mark in a flash. I had to wipe my eyes and look again. Yep, I was actually over $100. Ugh, I felt like I should have gone to Target but then I reminded myself that it will last a bit longer.

After school, we stopped for gellato in Southlake. This is one of our favorite spots but don't visit often. $10 for ice cream can add up quickly. The girls LOVED running around outside until the weather arrived. We could spend hours out by the fountains but our weather is constantly changing around DFW and our time was cut short. I can only imagine how Indy will be after seeing the news today. Scary!

We spent today in downtown grapevine. HG has dance with a few of her school friends and us mommas love to chat. The husband was not to far so we met for lunch at Jake's. Super yummy and we only dropped one basket of fries on the floor. :)
I could spend hours walking the cute little stores of Main Street but the wind was a little chilly and I had two dozen cupcakes to bake, a floor to mop and laundry to be done. Oh and my day, it started at 2:50 this morning. Harper was in major pain and it was causing her to get sick. I'm praying it is just her tooth and not ears, HG had such a hard time with these as well. I wiped some blood away today and cried with her. Not sure if it was because I was exhausted or because I felt so bad for her. Probably both.

Here's to a busy Thursday and then the weekend is here! HG is hoping to swim her weekend away.

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  1. Hope you had a great birthday!
    Your cake is adorable.