Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Life's Challenges

Sometimes, well really more often than sometimes, life doesn't go as planned. As women, I think we tend to plan our lives as close to perfect as we can. I mean who doesn't want a near perfect life? I learned quickly to adapt to the ever changing and crazy life we live. I've grown to love it. I've come to realize it is far from perfect but close to perfect in our path. Our lives are planned out by our Lord, he knows what we can and can't handle ( I sure the hell hope so). He knew us before we were formed so we have to keep our faith in him. Just when I think we are strutting along happily in life, I find myself leaning on Him more than I ever have before. Asking him to hold my hand, our hands and protect our hearts.

My dad and his girlfriend treated us to Brio last night. It is one of my favorite spots but no, I wasn't crazy enough to dine out with Harper last night. They brought dinner, dessert and an amazing 2009 Pinot home. It was wonderful! Harper had been screaming for quite some time when they arrive home, we rescued her from her crib. Screaming, as in an hour. Poor girl, cough/croup, all four eye teeth have busted or busted in and her molars still aren't 100% in. Girl has had it rough this week! She is drink her silk, in her favorite monkey pajamas and house shoes covered in Vicks. I'm hoping she sleeps well tonight.

HG, I already miss her terribly and it has been less than 12 hours. It is amazing how much you can miss your babies. She will forever be my baby, my first born. I know she has had so much fun already and it is just day 1 on her trip. She road home with Poppy, spent the day with Auntie Collins, dinner with Mia and now shopping with Poppy and Danielle. Spoiled already!! She said she missed me but not Harper.

Is it bad that I already ordered Harper's first day of MDO dress? Yes, I really did and it is perfect. She so short that it might fit her or HG might get a little wear. The other dress us HG's Vday/Spring dress, Queen of Heart. It is adorable! Smocked addiction? Yes, I will fully admit!

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  1. Thinking of you! You are right, God has it all planned out, even if we don't understand sometimes. I love how you described that life is far from perfect but you've come to accept it and love it for what it is. I need to think about it more often like that. I guess my struggle is that I always want it to be perfect, and it's not, and then I feel hurt.

    Cute smocked dresses! Love them. I saw on your IG feed about the dresses. Did you get them from Staci? She is a sweet girl....we went to high school together.

    Enjoy your weekend trip and I'm thinking about you and praying!