Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Harper slept from 6:40-6:03 and woke to saying mamma oatmeal. I guess baby girl was hungry. I greeted her with some milk and my bed. She sipped away for a good 30 minutes then we headed for oatmeal. I don't think I have ever heard someone smack like she did this morning. Harper seems to be going down earlier now and playing harder during the day (still with a nap). We have graduated to one nap a day, typically two hours give or take a bit. I had wanted to start an evening nap but that did not go over well. If she isn't up by 3:30, she is until until 10. No thank you, I can't get anything done before bed.

We were getting ready for dance and Harper threw up all over the place twice. Yuk! Then he had three dirty diapers, one in the tub. I opted HG out of attending dance today to be on the safe side.  I honestly don't think Harper has anything and praying she isn't going to be a puker like HG. We started that fiasco around 18 months and finally ended it around 4. Some days we are still haunted by it but we have learned how to control it. But back to puking, it stresses me out to think my kids might get someone sick. If I think they are sick in the slightest, I keep them in. Funny I know, most people send their snotty nose kids to school and such. I just can't do that. It is making me sick thinking about it.
Who doesn't love sunshine.
Ice cream probably wasn't the best idea for Harper but she went to town on it and I know it felt great on that one evil tooth.
See her hair, it is SO thick and stands up.
She loves to rub lotion on it.
If you don't see her, she is in her room with the lotion going to town on her hair.
She will laugh and say wash hair.
I think it is her excuse for a bath.
Working on our pottery thanks to Aunt Collins.
I must admit that I suck at this and need a lesson.
My piece ended up looking like a male body part.
HG called it a hot dog.
You get what I'm saying...............

I let her eat dinner upstairs because HG was in the tub.
She ate every single bite tonight.
I was highly impressed.
She loves the jets.
I have honestly used them once in a year.
I don't take a lot of baths, I try my hardest to stay clear of anything related to UTI's.
My good friend Toni told me about this a time or two.
Finally, after two sleepless nights recently when Harper slept all night, I bought some.
It did calm me.
Took a while but it seriously did.
I didn't go to bed, might have been the cookies, but I crashed easily.
Who wouldn't love to wake up to this?
Even if it is before 7 in the morning sometimes.
It only took 14 1/2 months to get her well enough to sleep through the night.
I can't even hear her snoring or wheezing over the monitor any more.
I love you Singulair and Reflux Medicine (Nexium and Prevacid)!!!

My friend's daughter is still in Children's and still throwing up.
They are closer to answers and have an idea or two what it might be.
Please keep them in your prayers.
HG is sending her something soft and pink tomorrow, she is calling and ordering it all by herself.

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  1. Praying for your friend's daughter!

    I laughed at the male body part with the pottery. :)

    Sorry about the puking. No fun at all. I hope she is not sick. We got hit HARD yesterday with allergies. I am a mess this morning with mine. I'm exhausted, Kevin is out of town, and I hung up on my MIL last night. fun times.