Monday, January 21, 2013


Our Monday mornings are now full of swim. Hailey Grace has classes at noon and Harper begins next week at 9:30. While this is nothing new for HG, next week will be Harper's first lesson ever. She spends hours in the bath each week already swimming like a fish so we know she will love it. I think it is very important to learn to swim at a young age. Typically we would start at 2 but with her birthday after summer, we decided to start now.

This Monday, the husband had a conference call after swim and with loud girls I knew that wouldn't happen. He can't think much less talk on the phone. We headed to the McDonalds on the corner by us. Um yeah, no parking and no tables. What on earth? Luckily, we have another close by and it was great. It wasn't my first choice but being 46 outside and Chick Fil A a madhouse, we resorted to McDonalds. Luckily, they keep that area squeaky clean and I could smell all the Lysol. It was a win win situation. Harper has a slight fever, but just from her last eye tooth breaking through. Those suckers and molars take forever to break the gums. Nose is clear, ears are clear, throat is good and poop is finally normal. As in solid poop since starting the new milk.

Monday evening, I tried a new recipe from Pinterest that I thought HG would eat. I kind of sort of told her the sauce was butter so she would eat it. Girl would eat grass dipped in butter or ranch (gross, SO did not inherit that from me). The dinner was a hit with her though. I threw chicken breasts, 8 oz cream cheese, a packet of Italian dressing and two cans of cream of chicken in a crockpot.  I tossed with whole wheat pasta.  The next time I will add an extra packet of Italian or maybe rotel? It was good, a little bland but perfect if kids will be eating it. Once HG finished her meal and her grazing she seems to do after dinner, I told her what all was in it. We have this saying, try it cause you might like it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I packed celery and carrots for school tomorrow. Someone made fun of her for eating carrots and she was so embarrassed begging me not to pack them again. Big tears forming in her eyes. Hopefully they will go over smoothly but I will be close by if they don't. I'm determined she will be proud of her healthy choices one day. I would have chosen an apple or banana over a brownie or candy bar any day at her age and older. I didn't know what those things were.......until I became pregnant with HG. Lord help us all after that.

Did you watch the Inauguration? I watched quite a bit of it off and on as did the husband. Whether or not we voted for him or any other President, this is part of history so try to watch it.

The husband and I have been switching off trying to get Harper down for the night for three hours. A late nap that began at 3:15 is resulting in a late night for her. I am not a fan of late naps. Last night, she slept 6:45-6, took 8 ounces and slept until 8. That was pretty awesome! When she goes down late, her sleep is messed up all night. When she doesn't nap, her sleep is messed up. Harper has no intentions of sleep right now. Many CIO episodes resulted to dirty diapers and more screams. Three diapers from screaming in two hours but HG was same exact way. She wasn't allowed late naps because girl would be up until midnight and CIO only resulted in 2-3 hours of screaming and a handful of diapers. Good thing both girls are so dang cute.

Harper is SO big now.
She is so funny and loves shoes, shiny shoes.
HG swimming in her lesson for the first time since summer.
Amazing how those little fish pick it right back up.

We have a low key week planned.
Or as low key as we get.
For three weeks, we have been running on fumes so being low key isn't a bad thing. 
This coming weekend, we haven't planned a single thing.
Talk of going East to spend my Birthday with family out there but I would imagine we stick around town.

I guess I am officially done with nursing.
 I stopped nursing on December 11 and mother nature recently came back to visit, that is always a sure sign it closed up shop.
The two years she as gone, I can't say I missed her.

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