Saturday, January 19, 2013

Long weekend

Things has been sailing smoothly this week. We've had people come and go. Mia, Collins and Cristi at the beginning of the week followed by Poppy and his Girlfriend, Danielle, who are actually still in town. We are already half way over with January, that is just wild.

The husband is back home but not without flying hiccups. It is really wild how many times he has flight issues but at the same time I guess flying weekly you get accustomed to it. We haven't flown with the girls yet, I just haven't had any desire to. I'm okay with screaming and the long drives. We are however, planning a trip up north to look at schools for next fall. With both girls. I hope we can wait until it is a bit warmer and not so much sickness
But schools start interviewing in Feb.

Poppy (my dad) and Danielle took HG to the Dallas Aquarium today as a special treat. They had been wanting to go and nicely included HG. She was super excited when I dropped her off this morning. I don't think they realized just how busy it was on a Saturday but had a great time followed by lunch at Snuffer's. I'm expecting them to bring her home shortly with Auntie Collins and Hannah following close behind.

The weather has been so nice that we have enjoyed playing outside. The sun does wonders for all of us.

The husband and I have a birthday dinner to head to tonight without the babies. I'm excited but also exhausted. Harper was up with gas issues and a belly ache all night. She downed a big bowl of oatmeal and had 1 1/2 banana along with popcorn and a couple of graham crackers all AFTER dinner. She just kept eating! Tonight, she will stick to green beans and another simple dish.

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