Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1/2 Birthday Celebrations

Viruses and colds sweep in and out. Ear infections and allergies are close behind. But what about when they can't figure it out just yet? A friend of a friend's daughter has been very sick since last Wednesday. She has been in the hospital for few days and now being transferred to Children's in Dallas to try and get answers so their beautiful girl can get well. I met this adorable family while being a Bridesmaids with Courtney in Brooke's wedding  and her daughter was the flower girl. She is the most precious little girl so please keep her in your prayers. No one likes children to be sick but not knowing exactly what is wrong is pretty scary.

HG celebrated her 1/2 Birthday at school today. I must tell you that I LOVE this idea. I understand that once real school begins, we will all have to grow up but for now, it is fun. Since HG and a few others have summer birthdays, they celebrate their 1/2 birthdays at school with their friends. It is a win-win situation in my book. We made homemade cupcakes yesterday that were out of this world. It is amazing what adding milk and pudding can do to a cupcake friends. Sweet HG, she was SO incredibly nervous. See, she is over the top when it comes to doing things for others at school but when the focus is on her, she is a mess. We kept thinking she was going to get sick this morning but we managed to talk through it. Harper and I were lucky enough to join in the fun and covered ourself in Lysol when leaving the school. As with any school, even their tiny private school is crawling with germs.

It was such a nice warm afternoon that I spent time outside with two cranky girls.
Harper was once again not much into napping.
She crashed early today and napped, I even carried her asleep upstairs without her waking.
An hour later, she was be-bopping around.
Chris treated us to Taco Tuesday.
Shhh, don't tell HG.

Both girls were bathed, in pajamas and working on drying HG's hair all by 4 this afternoon.
I made old school sloppy joe's tonight on a whim.
HG loved it.
She loved it so much as a toddler but went through such a picky stage.
She is still in that picky stage.
After two sandwiches, some celery and ranch doritos (I told you I went old school), I think she was full.
Also, our new dessert is fudge pops.
40 calories and 2 grams of sugar.
That is less than fruit sugar wise.
I am having a glass of sleepy time tea to help relax and see if I can sleep.
I'm having terrible night sweats lately.
They are zero fun.
I slept three hours last night between that and the husband snoring.

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  1. I'm not sleeping well at all either. Lots of little things on my mind that make one big thing! I hope the tea is helping you. I keep thinking a bath will help, or reading my bible, or something but I can't shut my mind off at night, and if I wake at 4 am for some reason, I'm up!

    Happy 1/2 birthday HG! The cupcakes look amazing.