Monday, January 7, 2013

Back to school

Tomorrow it is back to school. HG says she missed her friends but wishes she didn't have to get up early. Hello, she is so her daddy's child. I will be dragging her out by her toes with her whining and griping. What on earth am I going to do when she starts school at 7:40? Girl loves 12-14 hours of sleep a night! While I am looking forward to school, I am not looking forward to being back on schedule. Did I really just saw that? Things have been so enjoyable recently, I just want to enjoy it another day or two.

Saturday we had a super fun couples/family/friends baby shower at our house. We hosted it along with some fabulous other friends and the soon to be parents were showered with gifts. I love helping host such fun memories for amazing people. Thanks to Kristen, I had very little to clean the next morning.

Sunday was secretly planned for HG and I to spent time together. we were not sure what to do and I tried to stay away from CEC, indoor play grounds, etc. Pedicures it was, her choice! Fine by me, my heels were so cracked it was embarrassing. Oh my goodness? I need to get one at least once a year...or every other month would work too! I love one on one time with my hG. She was SO cute and everyone loved her. It was guessed that she was 6-7. Uh no, she isn't even 4 1/2 yet! I told her not to get any ideas. I am not ready for her to be near 6 yet.

All this rain heading our way, the girls and I took down all the Christmas lifts and decorations outside. I figured out neighbors wouldn't be as friendly with a soggy snowman or flying reindeer in their yard in January. The decorations inside, yep still up. I'm waiting on massive red containers from Lowes. Maybe tomorrow and Wednesday. HG wants a big red heart out front now.

Trash day is brought to you by a full size furniture dolly. The neighbor across the street thinks it is the funniest thing ever. His sweet boys have asked a time or two if I needed help. We made do, hasn't anyone ever seen trash cans on a furniture dolly?

HG started back with swim lessons today. I love our swim school and we are both so incredibly sad that our normal teacher is full. :( we drug our feet on deciding what to do. HG met her new teacher and she was super nice though. Weekly swim for HG works out perfectly for her. She is a little fish and such a strong swimmer. Harper love might be diving in soon as well.

Stay dry. We are looking forward to Poppy's arrival tomorrow after school.

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  1. Sometimes I get a little crazy when people think that Boyd is a couple years older than he really is. I'm still trying to hold onto that baby and I know it's pretty much slipped away. :( I cried yesterday when I thought about the fact that I need to check into kindergarten enrollment. I am NOT ready.
    Bummer that HG's normal swim teacher is full. Sounds like it will all work out though, and I'm glad the new one is nice.
    I love that brand of candle. I haven't had one in ages. I almost picked up a "bluebonnet" smell last time I was in the hill country. I need to do that.
    Cute pictures!