Thursday, January 24, 2013


Girls are down, sound asleep and Im sipping my night time tea. Harper went in Hailey Grace's closet pulling out her Dora blankets around 5:45. She laid down and said night night. How on earth could I not rock that precious sleepy baby. The little baby did not want to be rocked but rather wanted to be put in her crib. Took maybe 30 seconds and she was out. I have no idea if she is down for the night or what, it is her earliest bed time ever. Poor girl is still spitting up, having diapers and pulling on her ears tonight. I'm praying it isn't the new milk and just her teeth or a bug. I remember the teething diapers from HG and that was one of the few things that ever caused diapers rashes. I keep my girls lubed daily with vaseline or cream. HG followed Harper in a deep sleep around 7:45. We all shall be up early. :) thank goodness I bought coffee today.

Today at school, they made octopus stew while having backwards day. The kids think it is so funny and the teachers play it so well. When we arrived, we were greeted with goodbye. I thought HG was going to wet her pants she laughed so hard. Her adorable outfit was worn bckwards. When we arrived to pick her up, HG was so excited to tell us about octopus stew. Cute.

The weather lately is just crazy. Stirring up allergies again but so enjoyable to be outside. We have been spending time in the yard eating fudge pops and Popsicles. HG was dancing that saying it was summer today. Harper was climbing, imagine that. It is snowing today and tomorrow in Indy, guess I need to get ready for much cooler temps being 15+ hours north of here.

We've started on our list to get things rolling on our to do list. Believe it or not, it isn't nearly as long as I thought. I tackled the shower's seal today and it looks amazing. I scrub the shower SO often and have been struggling with a little mildew I haven't been able to clean. Right on the stark white seal, there is black stains. I found the most amazing cure all for stubborn stains. A few months ago, I pinned a remedy and put it to work. Finally. I picked up cotton coil from a beauty supply store and soaked in bleach for a second. The cotton will stick to where to put it. Another way was to slightly wet the cotton enough to stick to the areas and then pour bleach and push again to stick. It is amazing. I am so impressed! The thought of showing our house with stains the the shower just about made me loose it. Now, one of my biggest obstacles in selling (besides keeping it clean daily) is checked off. It was much easier moving when I didn't have two helpers packing and unpacking boxes. :)

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  1. I always loved backwards day! It's fun seeing the next generation does as well!