Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mass Sundays

There is just something about Sundays.

I seriously love the day.

I love going to Mass.

At most Churches.

Fun day Sunday but in another sense.

Our day begin by sleeping in, Mass, pizza lunch, grocery shopping and home by 2:30.

We were on a roll.

Sweet Jax arrived at 3:30 to play.

Neither munchkin had taken a nap.

They are both in HG's room right now.

Not sure if we'll get a nap or not.

HG enjoys talking.

I debated on posting this picture.

It was too funny not to.

Nothing is showing.

I was cleaning the kitchen and just happened to walk down the hallway.

I heard her in there going to the bathroom.

She is too funny!

HG insisted her wear her ballerina dress to Mass.

Imagine that.

After having entirely too much pizza, she was doing her ballet for everyone.

Twirls, jumps & shakes.

Oh she was quite the entertainment.

Playing outside in the heat on Saturday late afternoon.

Daddy came to join.

I ordered this in an 8X12 for Poppy (my dad) and Grandpa Bell for Father's Day.

I think they turned out perfect.

I can't wait to give them away.

I had already ordered the MIL some pictures so I'm on the look out for Granddaddy (FIL)a gift.

And the MIL's birthday is on Father's Day.

We're celebrating on Wednesday night.

Lots of celebrations going on during June and July.

So fun!!!!

I've been holding lots of newborns.

Oh my goodness gracious.

So small.

So fragile.

So amazing.

I have 20 weeks left until I'm scheduled.

20 weeks.

That is nothing.

I am betting 18 1/2 weeks.

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