Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weekly wrap up & photos

Thanks Poppy for teaching HG this.

I was asking her to smile.

She kept giving me different silly poses.

Dinner at Aspen Creek.
Loves dresses.
Loves shoveling dirt.
Makes for a dirty little girl.

Lots of swimming this week.
Swim lessons begin on Wednesday.
They go through August 20.We've drug out every baby doll recently.
Fed them, changed them, cleaned them, rocked them.
She is brushing daddy up on his skills.Poppy came to visit us Thursday.
Gelato after Brio Tuscan Grille.
Oh how I love Brio.Thursday morning, HG played with her friend Boyd and had breakfast.
They had a grand ole time.
Afterwards, we walked to the pet store.
She begged for a baby puppy dog.

Next was lunch with daddy at Freebirds.

He was working on a friend's house down the street during our play date.

We've all 3 spent many hours out there recently.

Like 10 in one day.

The house will be like a brand new house when everyone is finished with their parts.

HG has slept many hours in the car while we work.I know the car temps are higher than the actual temps.

BUT... 106 on a car temp already.

Colorado, take me away!

They had ski slopes open recently.

Lazy weekend in store for us.

The Bells would like HG to spend the night tomorrow.

She has been up for a couple of hours around 4:30 in the morning lately.

Bad dreams, tossing and turning and just getting to bed late does it to her.

I then have had two terrible, horrible, heart stopping dreams.

Maybe there is a ghost in her room?

I have the dream catcher out tonight.

We've both shed tears over our dreams the past two night.

Hers are more along the lines of us not allowing her a baby puppy dog.

Mine have been along the lines of loosing someone.

We will have to see how she does tonight.

We all know they are late nighters over there.

I'd hate for them to get 2-3 hours of sleep on a work night.

We are also heading to Lone Star kids in Hurst.

IF you haven't seen the advertisement, they are going out of business.

I am in search of a cradle, bassinet or mini crib for our apartment.

We have a tiny area where there is enough room in our room.

We're hoping it is only for 6-8 weeks.

Ikea is my next stop.

I have something picked out but just looking for the right deal.

~Have a good weekend~

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