Wednesday, June 8, 2011

week day randoms

We've had a busy week so far.

We celebrated with dinner at CEC.

HG has been in panties for a week now.

I should have never introduced pull ups.

She would have stayed trained last summer.

I blame myself.

They are just too easy.

Once they were gone, no accidents.

Not even in public.

We're still working on sleep time.

Girl drinks too much water.

Super jealous aren't you?
Today, we ran many errands.
So much to do.
So little time.
HG wore this all afternoon.
Took us a bit longer to zip in and out of stores.
Everyone complimented her on her lovely shoes.
See mommy, I told you they were my favorite shoes.

Don't you just love this picture?
Perfect for a little girls room or play room.
HG just stares at it.
She wants to have a tea party with Kensley.

Hg helped fold the kitchen and bathroom towels yesterday.
Then she jumped on them.
Mommy, they were so soft and warm.

It is hard to believe that HG's birthday party is only a month away.
She will be 3.
My baby will be 3.
There is just no way.
Time flies.
It seems just like yesterday I delivered that tiny baby.
Almost 7 pounds.
3 1/2 weeks early.
She would have been almost 9 if we went to 40 weeks.
Thank you for coming a bit early my precious little one.
With a trip to Texarkana planned, play dates, Poppy visiting, birthday parties, seeing family and then the beach , we were running out of time for party stuff.
Chris flies out the day we get home.
Possibly on our way home for a meeting.
HG and I will probably take our time heading back.
That means when we arrive back in DFW, her party will be a few short days away.
I'll have a doctor appointment.
HG has swim lessons.
I'm sure we'll need a play date.
Tons of laundry to wash.
You get the idea.
So I was determined to get most of the stuff done for her party NOW.
We have most of the party favors.
All of the food tags.
Non-perishable food.
Minnie & Mickey Mouse ears.
I've got a detailed list of the items I will need to buy once returning home.
It is so nice to have just about everything done.

HG started swim lessons today.
I am kicking myself in the butt for not starting last summer.
I know last summer was crazy but I still should have found time.
We started in the traditional waterbabies class.
Some of the stuff is a little young for her.
But with no previous lessons, she needs to start here.
I had a long talk with her at lunch.
I explained that she had to pay attention.
She had to do what was asked of her.
She agreed.
She promised she would.
I apologized for not starting last year.
We swim a lot.
A ton.
She does very well.
Just doesn't have the basic beginner lessons.
It is something everyone needs.
Chris and I have done well with her.
I haven't taught lessons in 15 years.
I'm sure Chris longer.
I think they learn better from others sometimes.
Our lessons are all summer long.
Maybe into the fall, we'll see how I am feeling.

Tomorrow, we are headed to Toni's for a play date.
Then hopefully stopping by my cousin's house.
THEN Poppy is coming to spend the night.
He is flying out Friday morning to go see my brother in California.
We are all extremely jealous.

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  1. I love all of her Minnie mouse stuff!! Boyd is soooo into Mickey and Minnie and all their friends right now.

    You are always on the go. It inspires me to do a little more. Some days I can barely get us out of the house! haha.