Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Casserole dishes, 20 week appointment & black eyes

I made some yummy casseroles for a sweet neighbor today.
She had her little boy yesterday.
All their family lives far off.
Thanks to Nicolle's help, I came up with some yummy dishes.
The one on the left is like Tuna casserole but with chicken.
I added mushrooms and roasted tomates (both fresh that I cooked).
The one on the right is a simple spaghetti casserole.
I have no idea if they are picky.
Figured I'm pretty safe with these.
A fresh salad loaded with vegetable, garlic bread and a yummy dressing also.
HG and I made brownies.
Well.....lets just say they won't make it.
They had chocolate chips in them.
Oh my goodness.

I had my 20 week appointment today.

Harper Elizabeth is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay head down on my cervix.

HG hung out there as well.

She is so far down that we couldn't get a profile or a face shot.

Little stinker.

I start weekly appointments this month.

We weren't going to begin them until the last week of the month.

But, with me seeing Dr. G every 2 weeks and having to go back to the Specialist this month, they start a week early.


Of course I love seeing the baby.

It will be much easier once school begins.

I joked with them today that I must have a tape worm.

I will put away a whole pizza.

I never steer away from food.

I am addicted to food, seriously.

My weight is holding steady.


I'm sure I'll gain 10 pounds this month for only gaining 2 pounds so far.

HG had a run in with the car door today.

This is right after it happened.

Her poor nose, between her eyes and her right eye.

I felt like the worst possible person ever because I opened the door.

She wasn't anywhere near the actual door.

Boom, she appear and the door was coming full force.

It knocked her to the ground.

I held her for 20 minutes.

She cried herself to sleep (it was nap time).

Ugh, I felt terrible.

She is now proud of her bruise.

Every single pair of her flip flops that aren't in her already packed bag were in my car.

Mommy's shoes are much more fun.

Helping mom throw the stuff in the crock pot to make this.

I'm not in love with it.

I added the onions and fresh mushrooms.

Still not in love.

Doesn't mean I didn't eat 2 bowls.
She wore this to the doctor this morning.

With her beads.

And her beach Dora hat.

Styling I assure you.

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  1. Yay, so glad you made both of the casseroles! They look delicious! I love that you added mushrooms and tomatoes too, I will remember that next time.

    Love the sonogram pictures! :)

    Poor HG with the bruised face. I bet that hurt. I'm sure it hurt mama's heart too, but don't feel bad, things happen all the time like that! Boyd loves to shut his door now, and I just know he's gonna get his fingers caught one day. ugh.