Monday, June 20, 2011

Early mornings

Early mornings only happen around our pad if the husband is away.
If he is home, he tends to stay up well past midnight so the 7-8 awaking can be brutal.
HG thrives when she has 12 hours of sleep.
I try and never let her get less than 10 unless a special occasion.
She is incredibly cranky if so.
So like clock work, she woke at 8 on the dot.
She had 12 hours and was ready to play.
For starters, she woke up dry.
Dry dry dry.
Girl is my water drinker so we rarely wake dry.
I'm afraid she'll be 10 and still in pull ups over night. :)
By a minute after 8, she had her swim tutu in hand and skipping to the potty.
Bella not far behind.
8:30, a healthy breakfast of Lucky Charms.
She only likes the marshmallows.
She poured the rest into my bowl.
No complaints here though.
A few minutes to 10, we headed out to the pool.
We were the first ones there.
Minton's had drained the pool, cleaned it and refilled it over night.
The water was ice cold.

Packed a turkey sandwich and cheetos for HG a snack.
She took one bite of the whole sandwich and then tossed the bread.
She really enjoys the peppered turkey.
After she touched the water for the first time.
Whoa Nelly, it was freezing.
Giving it another shot, this time with her duck.
I really enjoy the kid area at the pool.

She needed a rest.
HG moved a single kid chair into the middle of the walk way and sat.
She sat and sat.
Then ran to me and said I've got more energy now.
Oh how I laugh with that girl.
Early mornings equal good naps in our house.
Oh how I wish I was snoozing right now.
I am really exhausted today.
Little one had some penne pasta with marinara sauce for lunch.
Then a nice warm bath.
Finally washed her hair.
We forgot our tear free shampoo.
Took her less than 3 minutes to fall asleep.
This was last night at Texas Roadhouse.
Dinner was just too much.
Sunday morning, she slept in late.
Really late.
At 2, she wasn't ready for a nap because she'd been up less than 4 hours.
At 4, she was close but I realllllllly didn't want her to nap at 4.
She would have slept until 6.
Then would have been up until 11.
So.......we kept her up.
Trying to keep her busy but she was growing cranky.
Decided it was dinner time.
Half way through her rice, she was out like a light.

We are enjoying it out here.
The temp isn't really much cooler but it feels so much cooler.
It is wild how much cooler it feels.
I don't sweat walking to the car.
Today there is a strong wind.
Like wrap your hair around your face kind of wind.
We're going to my grandfather's later this afternoon.
Then to a pool cook out after that if the weather holds out.

Happy Monday!

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