Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Baby Bell #2 Update

I haven't posted about baby Bell # 2 in a while.

No, we haven't revealed the baby name yet.

Soon enough.

I went to my regular OBGYN yesterday for my every 2 week check up.

Baby looks great, measured 16w3d so almost finished with my 17th week.

I can'

Holy cow!

Still no perfect private shot but once again was told, nothing fell out.

Apparently, little boy parts just kind of fall and shake when bouncing on the belly.

So we're still going with baby Bell #2 being a little girl.

She is head down in the same position she has been in the last 3 ultrasounds.

HG was in this position for all my 2nd and 3rd Tri ultrasounds.

Resting the tiny little head on my cervix.

And my bladder.

Legs crossed tightly.

A sleeping baby with no desire to wake up or move.

Sounds like another HG heading our way.

My cervix was .2 shorter than it was 2 weeks ago but nothing to worry about just yet.

Lucky me, I will be rechecked on the 14th.

Add sarcasm when reading the above sentence.

HG was very upset she didn't go see the baby on the movie with me.

The below is from 2 weeks ago at the Specialist.

HG calls it her alien baby sister.

I'm still feeling good.
Cramping and growing over the weekend.

A lot of it is even with my c section scar.

Might be the scar tissue.

Or could be never ending food I continued to shovel in my mouth.

What is it with these baby girls and their fried chicken and sweets.

2 cookies and brownies along with breakfast this morning.

I'm up 3 pounds.

Not sure if it is truly baby weight or the terrible, horrible, oh-so-yummy food.

Either way, it was welcomed.

I'm pregnant.

I'm going to look like a beached whale before it is all over.

I'm proud of my pregnant body.

God chose ME to grow this amazing gift.

I'd gain a hundred pounds just to have a healthy baby.

I have to do things at a slower pace as I grow.

Bending over sucks.

Seriously, it sucks.

I nicely ask HG to get things off the floor for me often.

My belly is growing and HG can tell.

She kisses and rubs it many times a day.

Then she asks if Baby ______ can come play. :)

I tell her the same thing each day.

When we start decorating for fall and Halloween,

we will start looking for baby.

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