Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Rough morning.
Very rough morning.
Mia came to the rescue.
She and HG had lunch at Wendy's.
Brooke and I had The Cobbler Shoppe.
Yum...a grilled ruben.
Brooke's choice was much healthier.
Looked at houses, TJMax and Old Navy.
I picked up HG a shirt bathing suit top and bottom for $4.49.
I've been looking for a long sleeve one.
That white sand in Destin just intensifies the sun's rays.

After a little play time and a nap, HG wanted catfish.
I'm not sure she really loves the catfish or just all the fun we have there.
Misters keep you cool on the patio.
I could not even imagine sitting on a patio in DFW right now.
No way.
It felt great and the nice breeze kept us cool.
Like I need fried catfish after that ruben today.

She has quite the personality today.

A chicken laying eggs.
Sorry for the naked child running the yard.
Luckily, we are far enough back that most couldn't see.

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