Thursday, June 16, 2011


We had a great play date this morning.

We just love our play dates.

The afternoon was spent in Weatherford, having snow cones AND ice cream.

I promise we have a top to the car seat.

HG enjoys taking it off an throwing it in the back.She handed me her ice cream and said she was too sleepy to finish it.

She must have been VERY sleepy.

I love white coconut or wedding cake snow cones.

HG just likes plain ice.

On Wednesday, we had swimming lessons and play time at the gym.

Poor baby was plum worn out.

She woke to find Grandmommy and Grandaddy sitting next to her in the car.

We had dinner at Aspen Creek to celebrate Birthdays and Father's Day.

Dinner was good, we stuck around up there until after 9 so no play time.

Jason and Kristen just happened to be up there so it was good to see them.

We're not into keeping our little ones out late and having to deal with a cranky little one the next day.

It is a little hot here in Texas already.

Best Chick Fil A lunch date ever after swim lessons.

Poppy flew back in on Tuesday.

HG asked so many times if it was 4 O'clock yet.

She knew her Poppy was flying home.

We were treated to Babe's for dinner.


Waiting at baggage claim for Poppy.

I can't believe how fast this week has gone by.

Tomorrow is Friday.


We will spend it packing and cleaning.

The husband is heading to North Carolina for work.

We're heading to East Texas to visit family.

Once were all home, just a couple of days until we leave for Destin.

We have doctors appointments, swim lessons and lots of car loading to do in those 2 days.

It will be much easier if the clothes are together now.

Or somewhat together.

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