Friday, June 24, 2011

Moving on down the road.

Another super fun, super hot day here in East Texas.
Lucky Charms for breakfast.
A few pukes from the little one.
Water can make her throw up in the morning.
Me too.
Play time at Poppy's office.
Lunch with our super sweet cousin Laura at Amigo Juan.
Soooo yummy.
Picked up lots of yummy snacks and water bottles on the way to Megan's.
She and HG made an adorable headband.
HG has already asked to make more for her friends.
So thoughtful.
Yes sweetie, we will.
Or at least try.
Another high school friend brought her adorable 9 month over to Megan's while she ran errands.
Her little one is just simply precious.
HG and Eli took turns feeding her some yummy stuff that Tamara made.
I wasn't sure exactly what it was but I sure smelled bananas.
The little one love it.
She would fuss it we weren't fast enough.
I was thinking half or a third of the bowl.
No, she wanted it all.
Goodness, I hope that was okay!
We had a nice dinner at Ironwood with Mia and Auntie Collins.
They have a big sandbox for the children to play in .
Our little one was doing flips and sand Angels.
Yep, I looked over and she was going to town with the sand Angels.
I cringed.
Oh that sand is a mess to get out of hair.
I had no baby powder.

I love Friday nights when the little one is asleep by 8.
All the laundry is finished.
And ironed.
Stuff is gathered to be placed back in bags.
All are squeaky clean.
And in bed.
I'm watching TLC.

We're heading out in the morning.
We've had a blast in Texarkana visiting family and seeing old friends.
Tomorrow, we are headed to a super fun 1st Birthday party out at the farm.
HG has her Dora fishing pole and scooter ready.
It will be hot but thank goodness, the cabin has air.
There will be a little swimming before and some indoor camping afterwards.
Sunday will be followed by more swimming and lots of play time.
We are very excited to be spending the weekend with our cousins in Sulphur Springs.
There is just something special about small town girls.
Something that others will never understand.

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