Monday, July 11, 2011


I would say I am doing a little better with the hair issue.

I'm still sick over it.

But, she is healthy, happy and a mess.

There are some parents who would give anything for hair to be their big issue.

They wouldn't care if their child was bawled forever.

As long as he or she was well and alive..

I guess it is pretty selfish that I got upset at all.

Our place is slowly coming back together.

I can still smell sunscreen and the beach.

Oh goodness my car.

Oh my poor ride.

It is terribly gross.

I am taking her in tomorrow for a major cleaning.

Then new brakes.

Between washing and putting everything up on Sunday, HG and I hung up Harper's clothes.

Or what we have.

Most are newborn and 0-3 month items.

They will share a closet for now.

We're still hoping to move around December 1.

We're all about to pull our hair out.

Between the elephants waking HG up each night.

Then keeping us up.

Then running up and down the stairs like a heard of elephants.

Their dog had puppies.

Cute puppies.

But they poop everywhere.

I'm talking everywhere.

The little grass area we have, they don't clean up the poop.

Not one bit.

I'm always stepping on it.

HG can't play in the grass anymore because of it.

On top of that, I have been finding ashes all over our plants and grill on the patio.

I don't care if you smoke but don't ash on my stuff.

Ugh, as you can see we are beyond aggravated.


If it wasn't for my wonderful doctor here, we'd be packing up this month and moving to North Carolina.

It is pretty sad, who puts a frat pack in the middle of a bunch of families??

Oh well, I should be thankful I have shelter in this terrible heat.

I would say it was the pregnancy hormones.......
but HG and the husband are about to blow a gasket too.

Yesterday afternoon, we ran to Irving for a little visit with Grandmommy and to get our rent.

Our tenant drops it off over there.

We hadn't really played in a while.

We're heading back for dinner tomorrow night.

I imagine we will be going up to the Resturant, HG has been wanting daddy's work.

Our busy week begins tomorrow.

I've enjoyed two days of laziness.

HG has just been going stir crazy in the apartment.

Tomorrow is swim lessons, doctor appointment and dinner.

Thursday is HG's big appointment at Cooks in Plano.

Friday is a fun play date and gathering the last items for HG's party.

Saturday is HG's small family party. She is so excited!!

Sunday is lunch with family and Mass.

Monday is another doctor appointment.

Goodness gracious!!

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  1. Looking forward to tomorrow! :))

    Harper has a closet full of clothes already. I remember how much fun it was setting up a nursery.

    ps. I think that bubble recipe would work great in a machine. It costs about five bucks to make, but it makes a lot. The bubbles are really nice and thick too. We loved it!