Friday, July 29, 2011


So excited the weekend is here.
Not much planned is the nice part.
The husband is off tomorrow.
Showing a house at 11.
Storage run.
It is amazing what all we manage to cram into that massive space.
I'm clearing spaces here.
Loading up and moving 'em for now.
Must make room for Harper.
I have to be prepared.
She will be here soon.
Looking for a few items.
Wish us luck.

Yesterday, we joined Jenna and Jax for lunch.
Yummy cheese fries called for a slow moving afternoon.
We ran to Toni's to buy an awesome double stroller.
It is soooooooo cool.
We are also borrowing a car seat.
So sweet.
Stopped at McDonald's for play time and a cone.
Next was Target and Babies R Us.
Finally found sheets for the sleeper.
Didn't buy any though.
Traffic was terrible.
A nightmare.
12 miles (or less) too over 90 minutes.
Like I said, nightmare.

Today a carpet guy knocked before 9.
10 minutes until 9 to be exact.
I thought he was coming after lunch.
We were making a mad dash to move all the last minute items off the carpet.
They look wonderful now.
Only one or two stains wouldn't come out- mustard of course.

While they dried, we headed to play with Mrs. Tracey and Anna.
What a fun time!
Tracey treated us to pizza and the girls had a lot of fun.
I just love HG having wonderful friends from school.

This afternoon has been lazy.
I've been back on my Ebay addiction.
I have been debating on cloth diapers again.
I did them with HG for about 6 months (started at 6 months) and loved them.
I would really love to start in the beginning this go around.
Maybe not 100% percent of the time but the majority of the time.
It is amazing how much money you save.
Today, I scored pretty big.
19 newborn unbleached prefolds.
8 one size all in ones ( can use from around 8 lbs until 30-35lbs)
I spent $65.24.
It sounds like a lot but it really isn't.
A typical all in one, one size will run $15-$30 on average per diaper.
So even on the cheapest end, 8 would be $120.
Yesterday, I picked up a package of Gdiapers inserts.
I think the Gidapers might be easier when out and about or with family.
Plus, we can make inserts to fit the Gdiapers.

Well I will leave you with terrible pictures.
We've been so busy that I haven't even taken any really.

McDonald's North Irving

Playing lots of Candyland

Our new totally awesome stroller.

Now it we only knew how to close it.

Should have made a storage run before picking up the stoller.

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