Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Target Deals

We have a love for Target in our house.
On a trip for household items, I scored big time.

Miss Harper got $138 +tax worth of stuff for $30.35.
I do believe that was quite the deal.
Everything was on my need list.
Marking things off especially when on sale makes me smile.

$138 + tax worth of items for $30.35.

Tubby towel for $1.98 down from $7.99

Play purse $2.24 down from $9

Hooded bath towel $1.98 down from $8

Car seat cover (goes over the car seat to protect from environment not fitted to car seat) $5 down from $19.99

Swaddle $2.75 down from $11

3 pack bibs $1.98 down from $8

0-9 m duck robe $2.48 down from $9.99

12 m swim suit $1.74 down from $6.99

2 sleep blankets that zip on baby $3.74 each down from $14.99 each

2 pack ruffle newborn pants (hot pink and purple) $1.98 down from $7.99

For HG: this stuff was included in the $30.35 amount.

7 pack 4t Disney panties $2.74 down from $11

3 pack Toy Story under ware (ha! Ok for at home but not school) $1.74 down from $8.

Lots of baby stuff on sale. I think I will visit another Target for more towels and such for Harper.

I have cute pictures coming of HG so check back soon.


  1. You did score big time. I don't go to Target often enough. Sounds like I need to get my butt over there, now! :))

  2. great job!! You can always find some good deals :)