Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend highlights

We had a nice and low key weekend around here.

Since I'm supposed to spend most of my time inside, I enjoy getting out super early or super late.

The husband was off on Saturday and was able to spend a few hours with us.

He is staying busy with work and RE on the side.

Friday we had dinner with Kristen and her parents at Aspen Creek.

I think it was close to a month since we had been there last.

HG loves going up there and loves Miss Kristen.

Our 10 minute drive home turned into nearly 60 minutes.

Every road was closed.


Saturday we headed out for errands and lunch at In N Out Burger.

The line still amazes me.

They don't offer more than a couple of items.

But still, you wait in a line to even get in the door.

In Vegas, there is never a line.

At least it is down from 45 minute line to 15 or so.

HG enjoyed her burger.

We had planned on heading to Edgewood for Miss Emily's 4th birthday celebration.

Unfortunately, we decided against it due to no air conditioning and being 101.

HG had really been looking forward to it.

Since we were in town, we ran by Jax's 2nd Birthday party.

It too was outside but luckily in the shade.

Still, hot but we didn't stay as long as would have liked.

The kids had a blast.

HG enjoyed her hot dog, I enjoyed cheetos and a cupcake.

imagine that.

Sunday we didn't leave the house until evening Mass.

It was just too hot.

I think I have said that a million times.

But being pregnant with a high chance of low fluid, you have to follow the rules.

And drink at leave 8 water bottles a day.

I typically have enough equal to 10.

Dinner at yummy Vito's for pizza had us all in bed by 9.

This morning we woke to swim lessons and errands.

I scored big time at Target, which I love.

HG is napping for a big evening.

She is heading to the Ranger game with the husband and father in law.

I don't think they are too thrilled to take her.

She loves going and has been so excited.

It will just break her heart if her daddy tells her no, she can't go. :)

Monday morning swim lessons with Mr. Collin

In N Out burgersJax turns 2.

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