Friday, July 22, 2011


We started off our morning with King Fu Panda and Dora cupcakes.

Even before we had breakfast.

Some days should be like that.

I have a friend who does Cupcake Friday.

I just love it.

Everyone deserves a reward.

We spent about 45 minutes at the pool after lunch.

As you can see in the pictures, it is in desperate need of a good scrubbin'.

I wanted HG to have a later nap today so this was a perfect escape.

Until they closed the pool.

The filter broke.

The water was growing cloudy.

It needed something strong.

A sad little one, we headed home for a snack and the Fresh Beat Band.

This is her birthday evening swim.

She requested mac n cheese, french fries and pickles for dinner.

The husband and I had left over yummy tacos.

The tacos are actually now being turned into a yummy chicken soup.

The husband isn't into soups.

You would think he ate a lot of soup growing up, his mom makes good batches of soup.

He would rather have McDonald's drive thru.

Lucky for me, the little one enjoys soup with me.

Happy Weekend!

Stay cool, looks like it will be 102 here all weekend.


We are supposed to be heading to Edgewood for a birthday party tomorrow.

We have one of HG's best friends birthdays starting at the same time.

Two hours apart.

Both are outdoors.

Tons of errands to be ran tomorrow.

The husband is off.

This pregnant momma is supposed to be indoors the majority of the day.

Hopefully, we can figure something out.

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