Monday, July 25, 2011


Vito's pizza.

The picture doesn't do it justice.

One piece is equal to 2 pieces of take out pizza.

And for half the price.

Oh my goodness gracious.

So last night at 9pm, I had 3 pieces or 6 regular take out pieces.

Yes, I had serious heart burn.

HG went with Chris and Jim (FIL) to the Ranger game last night.

It was a great game to be at for sure.

The entire Holcombe family was there this week.

HG enjoyed Kalli so much.

I hear she might have flirted with Riler a little too.

I hate that I missed it and that I am not supposed to partake in these activities.
I'm also grounded to DFW until Miss Harper arrives.

I have to get HG's shots.

And to see my grandfather.

Might be my last time.

As if the game and seeing Kalli wasn't enough, Brooke surprised HG.

She and Todd were over for the game and I hate that I missed them.

They headed to the Dallas Aquarium then back to Txk.Can't remember if I posted this or not.

We've been having lots of snow cones.


Even bought a snow cone machine.

Lots of snow cones.

Cutest little Minnie Mouse around.

She loves her ears from Kelli and Mike.

My weekly doctor appointment went great.

Just a quick ultrasound to check cervix and see heart beat.

Harper's little bottom looked like a heart on my cervix.

HG's little bottom looks like a heart as well.

I heard her heart beat for the first time today with out the ultrasound machine.

Some people think that is strange.

With so my ultrasounds, we can see and heart the heart beat through there.

It was nice to finally hear it on the doppler and for it to be so loud.


No pictures this week.

A cervical check is with the dildo camera as I call it.

I like to get it over fast.

Our goal is to make it another 11-12 weeks.

I hope to go 13-14 more.

Either way, we are almost a family of 4.

Not only a family of 4 but a family of 4 taking on a new adventure.

A new way of life.

A huge move.

Most likely cross Country.

Either West or East.

A heart felt story that many can relate to.

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  1. Ohhhhh, that pizza. YUM!

    I love her mouse ears. :)