Friday, July 15, 2011

Fly by week

Happy Weekend!!!

The husband worked hard last night and put up a fan for us.

Our tiny little place is close to 80 by late afternoon.

Even if it is turned down below 70.

A trip to Target this week landed Harper a little bed.

I've been looking and trying to decide on what to do.

I need something small.

No way can we fit a crib.

Or even a pack n play in our room while here.

I hated to spend so much on a mini co sleeper.

I was pretty sure we were going with a cradle.

But it would get dings from moving.

And HG can reach into a cradle.

This is a little taller and I can lock the sides up.

So when I found it for $58, I couldn't live without it!!

A funny picture from Destin.

She fell asleep while I was drying her hair.

It seems as if everyone has had a super busy week.
I know we have around our house.
I am actually laying down in cool sheets and air blasting on my face.
My goodness, it is hot.
There is no end to the heat the next few weeks either.

Wednesday, I had the first of my weekly doctor appointments.
Everything looked good.
No BBP ( bio physical profile or growth ultrasound).
Harper is still extremely low and was laying breech.
She was very active the night before causing nearly 4 hours of back to back braxton hicks.
Scared me a little.
Couldn't get a face shot, even with an internal ultrasound.
Hopefully at my BBP on Monday we can.
Cervix looks good, 33 mm which is good length.
So no sign of PTL.
Thank the Lord!

While I was at the doctor, the husband took HG to her weekly swim lesson.
We started her in basic water babies.
She needed to learn the basics.

Well, she is moving on up.
They decided she can skip super water babies, aqua tots and go into advanced aqua tots.
This will challenge her more.
No mommy or daddy in the pool.
Makes me terribly nervous.
We will see how she does.
She can swim about 5-7 feet in the water right now.
Grand mommy came to watch the little fish in the water.
It was a nice surprise for HG.
Lunch at Chick Fil A followed by a Target run and nap.

Dinner at the in laws is always a feast.
Tons of snacks to begin with.
The little one never ends up eating a good dinner from being much too full of cheese.
Yummy BBQ chicken filled the husband and I right up.

Thursday, we headed to Plano.
HG had her GI Specialist appointment.
We're switching a few things up.
Adding a little.
Not taking away any food right now.
Not allowing too much of one thing either.
I've been craving Babe's and there just so happened to be one close by.
Babe's Carrollton has a larger menu.
I had the smoked chicken.
And 3 biscuits smothered with honey.
The husband had his typical CFS.
The little one shared with me.
I think she ate the meat off a leg and two wings.
She loved the smoked chicken as well.

Next up was break work for the pilot.
Four new break pads, shocks and rotors, we're in good shape.
It was nearly $450 spent in an hour.
It needed to be done.
We can't decide what we want next.
It really depends on if we head CO or not.
This needed to be done even if we traded it in next week.
I doubt that would happen though.

The little one decided she didn't want to nap so by 5, she crashed.
We were thinking an hour or two.
I work her up after 9.
Goodness, she was wired.
I love long naps.
I don't love long naps in the evening.

Today, we joined our friends Nicolle and Boyd for their cupcake Friday.
The cupcake house is simply adorable.
HG had chocolate icing.
She never eats the cake part.
I had a cookies n cream with an Oreo on top.
They were so yummy.
I wish I had a wedding cake one right now.
It looked to perfect.
Lunch at one of our favorites, Rosa's.
HG had chips and salsa naturally.
When we arrived home, she needed a taco.
Again, a typical HG move.
The husband had my left overs and HG had a mommy made taco.

As if the terrible heat wasn't enough, we took my car for a good scrubbing.
Luckily, I wasn't the one doing the scrubbing.
I don't know how they do it.
It was scorching out there.
My car, well it looks great.
I even had the carpets shampooed.
All I have to do is wipe down the back seats.
I think that is all.
Wonder how long it will remain clean?
Ha, hopefully for a while.

After a crazy week, we're being lazy tonight.
Well if making the husband scrub the tub can be considered lazy.
I scrubbed it first with baking soda and a Lysol cleaner.
I felt it needed the comet, been months since I used something crazy strong.
Looks wonderful.
Nothing like a clean house to wake up to.
We know it won't stay clean long either.

Wishing we were sitting at Aj's watching the boats.

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