Monday, July 18, 2011

Harper Elizabeth

Had my weekly appointment today in Grapevine.
It was with my MFS, not my regular dr.
This is the one that was less than an ounce off with HG.
He guessed 6 lbs 10 oz.
She was that the first time they weighed her.
The 2nd time, a minute later was 6 lbs 11 oz.
Yes, tiny and small but right on target.
I wasn't 37 weeks yet.
She would have been a big baby.

He was very pleased to see Miss Harper weighing in at 1 pound, 5 ounces.
Almost a full pound and a half.
Praise the Lord, she is growing well.
Everything looked perfect.
We even got a beautiful profile shot.

Up until this point, things go smoothly with a clotting disorder.
I was warned this today.
It is the final stages of pregnancy you have to watch very closely.
Same stuff i was told with HG.
Still makes your heart skip a beat no matter how many times you hear it.
I found out today that it was not the Lovenox (my blood thinners) that caused the low and leaking fluid.
Rather, it was my clotting disorder.
I had no idea.
Of course, that sent me in panic mode for a minute.

Here is a beautiful profile picture of Miss Harper.

This is from a full 23 weeks.


  1. Oh that picture almost made me cry of Harper. She already looks so beautiful. I am praying that the rest of your pregnancy is very healthy!

  2. Thanks!! I was very pleased with the nice picture of her.