Tuesday, July 19, 2011


We've had a busy week so far.

The husband is in Louisville.

I'm praying for some answers.

I'm sure we won't be any closer to answers.

Monday we had HG's new swim class.

She was the only kid with 2 instructors.

We survived and she listened.

Or almost the whole time.

As with any swim lesson, she assumes we get Chick Fil A.

On a tight schedule, this was a mad dash.

Not to mention the little one's belly was pretty upset.

And she needed a nap so bad she could barely hold her eyes open.

I ran to dr.

She ran to Grand mommy's to play.

No nap.


Cranky evening.

Early bed time.

13 1/2 hours later, I had to wake her.

We've been playing with a lot of Minnie Mouse stuff.

Maybe having too much fun.

HG has requested a Dora birthday cake for her next get together.

I forgot to order the cake.


Bad momma.

Hopefully there will be something she likes when we go to look.

We had lunch with some good friends today.

It was fun to see everyone.

The girls had fun playing with all the toys.

After cleaning up, they decided they needed a picnic tea party with cheese its.

Little girls are so precious.After lunch, HG and I ran errands for the husband.

We were out close to IKEA and decided to stop in.

Oh how I love strolling through that massive store.

Their furniture doesn't last forever.

They actually just put their cribs back out after the latest 2011 new safety guide lines.

Oh how I love that people are finally stepping up and making it safer for our children.

We spent 2 hours there.

Walking and playing.

I love the wooden toys.

Little wooden trains too.

We didn't buy much.

1....it was just too hot to be loading stuff.

2.....it was past nap time.

HG needs a daily nap.

We plan to go back soon with the husband.

But I did pick up this, this, this and another small little toy for Harper.

My 2 ironing boards are headed to the trash.

Oh those poor pathetic things.

I figured the tiny board would be perfect for our stuff.

I'll just take the husband's shirts to the cleaners.

The cheap little laundry basket works perfectly in our small space.

We can toss it when we head out.

No trip to IKEA is complete with out food.

While strolling through out the place, I always smell cinnamon.

Their cinnamon rolls are always so yummy.

Even though we had lunch, HG chose a pizza.

A large piece mind you.

Put her little self right to sleep for 3 hours.

The rest of the week will hopefully be a little low key.

Birthday lunch, birthday dinner planned.

The husband is working.

Oh how I am going to love a working husband arriving home like a normal family.

A friend is moving closer next Monday, I'm thrilled.

My brother and Aunt are flying into DFW in 25 days (August 13).

I haven't seen my little sweet brother in so long.

He didn't come home over Christmas.

HG is already giddy over it.

We'll be heading East for 4 days.

We're also taking family pictures of us with my grandfather.


I just love that man.

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  1. The picture of you in the mouse ears is so funny! :) Boyd and I keep taking turns wearing his too.

    I wanted to try a playdate this week, but my mind is swamped still....my mom comes tomorrow, I'm meeting Megan on thursday and Kevin's aunt flies in Thursday night for a week....I don't know how you do all that you do. I'm stressed to the MAX!