Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A wedding, new burgers & ice cream

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Saturday, the girls headed off to their grandparents in Irving while the husband and I headed to FW.
Good friends were marrying on a busy weekend in downtown.
The wedding was fabulous and we enjoyed ourselves at the wedding.
Meghan was a stunning bride for sure.
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The chapel was so much like the chapel Brooke was married in back in December.

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Sunday before we headed to pick up the girls, we joined Jason and Jessica for a fun lunch.
One of our friends, Case, had mentioned that we just had to try this place.
Such a neat and fun place, we will be going back with the girls.
Or on a warm afternoon for a draft.
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We have been enjoying the weather.
Frozen yogurt on the porch.
Harper has had some killer diapers from the dairy.
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Our flowers are car stopping for sure.
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HG fell asleep wathing Doc McStuffins last night.
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Harper needed a matching shirt to an outfit of HG's.
Luckyily, it was fairly easy and cheap to do.
 photo EB8C88AE-07AD-4933-A390-A56357792C13-6197-000007948C8D56EA.jpg
While I was at it, we added the girls name to basket liners for egg hunts coming up.
 photo 626A3760-6927-4DFE-A011-BA0CF17FFA34-5425-0000065D5658F764.jpg
Such a ham.
Our baby girl is starting a Pre K program soon.
I've been stressing about her eating lunch in a cafeteria instead of at her desk.
I mean I will still be packing her lunch, she will just have to carry it, then eat it and clean up her mess.
She does this exact thing now, in her 4's.
It just seems so much older doing it a cafeteria.

I am not sure about y'all but I think I am ready for summer time.
Not the heat of course.
But days of no where to be early.
Days of sprinkler laughs, water balloon fights and popsicles.
Days of tanks, messy hair, sunscreen kissed bodies and snow cones.
Days of pink and green zinc covered noses.
The husband and I are looking forward to fun filled, hopefully not 6 o'clock in the morning summer days.

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  1. I'm ready for summer too!
    I'd almost trade the cold for the heat any day. As I get older, I just can't stand the cold as much. I will put that burger place on our list, for sure. You look so pretty in that first photo!
    Cute pictures.