Monday, March 4, 2013

Swimmer's Ear

Our day consisted of lots of time outside in this beautiful weather. It felt like the end of Spring. I also saw more sick people today than I had in a while. Cold to hot back to windy then cold will do that I guess.

From ice cream disasters to finger painting disasters, HG has told me numerous times it was the best day. Best day ever. Wants to repeat tomorrow. :)

HG ended up at the Doctor. Her ear canal is inflamed, lots of fluid, tender to touch but drum looks good. We're just doing an alcohol and vinegar mixture and will be dropping a dab of olive oil before lessons. My girls and their ears! Bad mom, this has been going on since mid February with Hailey Grace.

Tomorrow will be an early morning. Both girls had baths, dinners, HG treating their hair to sprinkles and still in bed by 7. Don't get too giddy, HG is still awake and has 30 more minutes until lights out.

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  1. You really should put that first photo on a canvas. That is going to be one of your favorite photos ever, I believe. Such happy, fun memories for the girls. I love this!