Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Party

 photo 06F15F2A-F28A-44C0-A877-2F2D950BD2F2-7893-0000099CACFC7640.jpg
We did stickers this year instead of goldfish.
Figured 4-5 year old could handle that.
 photo A49975D7-4CBD-4792-A015-7AAF1DAF5CA1-14564-000010964ADEA909.jpg
Perfect Easter favors for her class.
 photo 8C9F506C-AAD9-4FFC-969B-A5CF3734E70A-7893-0000099CA7B55B7D.jpg
What kid could resist these adorable juice boxes made by HG
 photo 3D2665AB-3CD3-4D51-B8ED-61FD88C7F246-14564-000010963ACC62A0.jpg
HG's surprise Easter lunch.
Somehow I managed to delete all my pictures on here off of Photobucket. Not the best thing I've ever edone. So for now, this will have to do.  photo 57F70745-F901-420D-9C46-8E6B2C1243CE-14564-000010964131770A.jpg

We always do something special for HG's teachers.
They spend so much time with our children that even a small thank you is a must.
HG LOVES brownies and LOVES her teachers so I squealed with glee when I found these.
Who could resist their cuteness?
What a fabulous blog too

 photo 8405EE70-61CE-44DD-93F0-7983AC7464F9-14564-000010977BD7D9B1.jpg
Just hunting a few eggs.

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