Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Break Cousin style

After our Aunt, Cousin and Mia left, another set of cousins came.
We had SO much fun.
Today, Harper was looking out the front door calling Matt's name.
She took to him and he was amazing with her.
Tuesday was full of playtime and lunch at Mc Donalds.
I love being the only people in the play area and heading out when the crowd arrives.
 photo 22B6084F-F500-433F-81A1-3F640AE6F92D-2040-00000285C9643A11.jpg
   photo 978EDC78-1663-4822-9830-ABF8EA9D582D-2040-00000285C026ED69.jpg
 photo 6107437F-66DF-4A64-933E-D0E93D037CA7-2040-00000285B7BB9A3E.jpg
 photo 8DA33207-E3C3-458A-BD4E-C0249BC8965F-2040-00000285ADC31B4D.jpg
Next up was park time.
 photo 57064496-9EAF-475F-B5CD-6CDBE2C4BBB6-2040-00000285A45D819E.jpg

 photo 2CEB3AB4-9A68-410C-9CE4-C04C85236D6F-2040-000002859B10ACEB.jpg
 photo 0E3227B3-F950-4CED-BA03-E05B5D9837FB-2040-0000028592E6C72A.jpg
 photo E28EC317-F100-48F8-9D70-6F2E01ED9FFB-2040-000002858B010886.jpg
 photo 19B90E21-EFA5-49A2-B119-6F2CBC57B8E4-2040-0000028583C4E854.jpg
 photo 789376C9-CE04-4A4C-BFBE-172BA66E2207-2040-000002857BDD4F87.jpg

 photo E9314215-1F37-47EA-9EA4-6B2266780DAD-2040-00000285724F0A38.jpg
 photo 32E3637D-6EEE-435B-BCE9-F26EFFBDA463-2040-000002856A2E98B7.jpg
 photo 92A5E91B-0990-40EF-963E-B8F30829C14E-2040-0000028562E434D0.jpg
 photo F7944B08-C1FA-4AAA-80AE-365DE42633FC-2040-000002855B01820F.jpg
Then ice cream at Braum's.
Not one but two cones.
It was a great day in their opinions.
 photo 9B59F7A7-1B77-4CE4-B3E8-352034BC5574-2040-00000285515BC0AC.jpg
 photo 17CA87B5-2830-49ED-A654-37F145F919EE-2040-000002854A94E7AA.jpg
 photo 548FBEBB-4BF6-4F0A-B481-198EF215C326-2040-0000028543ED924D.jpg
Then we ran around the yard and threw confetti eggs until Mrs. Laura got off work.
 photo 556ACB9D-8B7B-41ED-8C81-239733E3EE59-2040-000002853DBBDEB3.jpg
 photo 304BB01F-1CDE-4285-B732-EC9B4D9F378A-2040-0000028536F940AB.jpg
Wednesday, we headed to Chick Fil A for a late breakfast.
We were lucky enough to be the only kids on the play area the entire time.
 photo DF37D27E-6233-4623-B671-F63A3E3B04D0-2040-0000028520FE2858.jpg
 photo 24574DA8-14E9-44B5-885F-56392B3A03D5-2040-000002851A88730C.jpg
 photo 794F2A7A-B41E-4D9C-A86C-11B016F0712E-2040-0000028514C6C916.jpg
Next up was Let's Bounce in Keller.
It was wild and crazy so we barely made in an hour.
 photo D98FFE59-06F4-4F49-896C-026116AB8EA4-2040-000002850F8F1963.jpg
 photo 139D5852-7FEF-459A-8764-0A9C5A75FE6B-2040-0000028504AF4289.jpg
Then we headed to Keller Pointe to swim.
This is the water park by our house that HG talks about.
After a swim and a change of clothes, we were all starving.
HG wanted Chuck E Cheese, Kaden wanted Pizza Inn and Matt wanted CiCi's.
Rock Paper Scissors later, Matt won.
No way would I have agreed to CEC.
 photo 3BC2F1E4-29C8-42D9-8443-6D4F82DF55B3-2040-00000284FF86F755.jpg
 photo 6AA41B30-3FF6-4D09-9229-0C37D653DACE-2040-00000284F9DD9B3E.jpg
Baby girl was worn out.
She ate two bites of pizza thanks to Matt.
I was excited.
Texture is a huge issue.

We had SO much fun and are already missing our cousins terribly.
We can't wait to see them again soon.
HG has always wanted to live next door to them, she thinks they are the greatest.

 photo 2B1A88A7-FE34-4F9D-AE01-3C2F612AADCF-2040-00000284EBF253D4.jpg
Another bounce picture.

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