Friday, March 1, 2013

March 1

Oh where do I begin?
I can't catch my breath this week.
 I haven't been home all week.

Remember all that staging and preparing of our house to be listed? Yeah, we planned on listing it tomorrow. March 1 was our deadline to ensure sale by summer. Well all that boxing up and preparing was left outside Sunday night 10% chance of rain so virtually no rain and looking at the animated radar, it all went north of Gainsville. We felt safe that one night would be fine. Harper and I be bopped down the stairs Monday for swim lessons and I stopped dead in my steps. The sidewalk was wet out front. The street too. I ran faster than I've moved in a long time. Sure enough it had rained. I lost it. I worked my butt off, all dang weekend. The husband was blown away with all I had accomplished. I just cried and started yelling for the husband. I cried all the way to swim joining our group with swollen and puffy eyes. We didn't dare touch the boxes until they dried out for 8 hours. A few times, I called the husband in a panic that is was going to rain again. No, we were lucky enough that no other rain drops fell on us that day. Good thing, I probably would have locked myself in a closet for a major pity party. Most were blankets, toys, stuffed animals and Christmas decorations. The decorations were in plastic tubes so they survived. The Christmas bags, tags, wrapping, ribbon and various other items headed to the dumpster. Also, one box was entirely full of children's books. I kept special ones inside, Bibles and ones that we read weekly. The husband said he lost count at 100 books. When boxing, I counted 150 and then would occasionally toss a book or two in another box. I lost t again. I felt sick. The kid meal books, I don't care about those. Our good, hard back books, I thought I was going to pass out thinking about it. Never, ever, ever will I ever pack books just in a box. I will forever pack them and other items in trash sacks and then place in boxes. We can't always predict when things will happen but I will make every effort to protect paper things now. Blankets, quilts and stuffed animals were easily washed or lysoled and set in the sun. Everything is squeaky clean and repacked thanks to the husband. We don't really believe in signs. I mean, we have our faith and are taught that signs aren't real. Well I will be the first to tell you I believe it is a sign. I believe it was 100% a sign. I'm a tough cookie, I don't cry often, I hold down the fort while the husband travels, I don't let me guard down so for me to be a basket case over this it got to me. It got to me bad. I am always up for a move. I support my husband's career as it allows me to raise our girls when more than enough. This, this was a big deal not only to me but the husband as well. What if this was something telling us to hold off. What if something better was around the corner or the reason we are moving for is pushed back by months. The last thing I would want to do it move and he travel 6-9-12 months. We have friends, family, schools, doctors, parks, a home, teachers, neighborhoods and other things we are comfortable with. Traveling here is not as big of a deal when we think of him traveling and us being in an unknown area. So, our house is not going for sale tomorrow. I really can't tell you when it will. It might be April, it could be July or even November. I'm on two waiting lists for HG in Indiana, have a spot for her at her current school (2days a week) and hoping to still get her a spot at another in the area. Area meaning Keller-Southlake-Grapevine. The husband will continue to work his wild schedule and we will focus on finishing our school year, enrolling for fall locally and living it up this summer. When they come to us and say we must move, they are really close to opening, we'll jump on it.

I'm secretly thankful. Keeping the house spotless every day is almost impossible with my crew. It is SO much easier just leasing our houses and turning them into investment homes. I was recently talking to HG's teacher who is moving as well. Her main complaint was the daily cleaning. People except a museum when house shopping.

Danielle and Hailey Grace blowing out candles.
On to more happy things and off my sappy train ride. Poppy and Danielle spent the night on Monday. The girls were excited to see them and we had a belated birthday celebration for Danielle. Papa Murphy's (our new love, their delite daily special!), cookies and cake had us feeling like the Pillsbury dough boy. Harper had blueberries with her chicken for dinner and was up all night. Poor girl threw up blueberries, turned a purplish-bluish color before she started getting sick. Two hours into it, ruined sheets and clothing, I found one last dose of pheneghran and rubbed it quickly on her wrists. We finally got her showered and got some rest around 3:30. Tuesday morning, she slept until nearly 10.

This week besides day to day typical household things, we have been celebrating Teacher Appreciation week. We are so very Blessed to have an amazing group of teachers at our school. We love each of them dearly. I love that I can walk in and every single one of them, some who did not have HG, will call me by name. A few wait to see what HG will be wearing weekly, they love her style. Back to celebrating....Tuesday, we served a wonderful breakfast and I even brought K cups with my machine. That was a hit for all the teachers. Thursday was lunch and rosary bracelets. They are beautiful and a must for any Catholic.

The flower pots for the teachers
Wednesday morning was greeted with Harper's ENT appointment. Left ear and tube was beautiful, right ear still had fluid. It wasn't swollen, bulging or leaking. Thank goodness! Her sinuses were clear on Wednesday morning. An antibiotic, Singular and Zyrtec will do that to a girl. We did not schedule a surgery this week, waiting and holding our breath a bit longer. We would love to be able to wait another few months even though we know that probably won't happen. We can be optimistic right? The tubes will be more likely to stay put longer. HG's lasted two years when getting them two months before two and repeating surgeries are never fun.  The husband and I laugh that we are a ticking time bomb with her. The next runny nose or leaking ear, surgery is scheduled.

Thursday, the husband took Harper and I on a lunch date while HG was in school. Half way through, we laughed and asked why we even try to take Harper out to eat. I was worn out, he was worn out, our food was shoved in without enjoying it, the list goes on. I can't wait for her to be at the age to sit still long enough to enjoy a nice dinner. Staying home on the other hand it cheaper and less germs.  We're supposed to be going to dinner tonight with friends, with the girls. I'm exhausted thinking about it. Harper was a MESS today before nap time. I feel terrible when people invite us to go out to dinner and we opt out of it.

HG fell asleep one evening at 4:50

Don't think this is supposed to happen. The side snapped while she was in it.
Mondays at swim.

We had to buy a few more swimsuits today. HG has such a long torso.

Harper worships her sister
Pretty girl
The husband got the best of both worlds.
Brownies and Cookies.
They were good but not amazing.
Next time, we will probably do brownies and then drop the premade cookies in the brownies.
These weren't real cookies.
HG hard at work
Dad and Danielle gifted this to me on Monday for a late Birthday gift.
I am in LOVE.
Girls are a mess.
Surely this was Harper's mess.
Nope, HG decided to dump it out.
I might have lost it for a split second.
Easter Candy.
Need I say more?
I managed to finish this in the time it takes from Target shopping center to my house.
A couple of miles.
570 calories.

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  1. I'm so sorry about the rain and the boxes. I'm the opposite of you, and I think I cry almost daily...I'm not as strong...but that certainly would have put me over the edge. Sounds like things are really up in the air for you guys. I will be keeping you in my prayers for much clarity and peace in the upcoming months. I know I've not sold a home, but I have never understood needing it spotless. I always think that if I was looking, I could look past it. I would look at the structure and the layout and I could look past paint or a mess on the counter, or kids toys, etc. That would be so hard to keep it cleaned each day!
    One more thing, I love Easter candy. We have had one bag, and I won't buy any more, because I have no self control.