Saturday, March 9, 2013

Swim Parties and Guacamole

Mia stayed at Auntie Collins last night but surprised us this morning before lunch.
We might have stuffed our faces with Whataburger seconds before she arrived.
Both girls were going wild.
After a quick visit, she headed to pick up Aunt Tonia and cousin Carly and we headed to a party.
They had a full day of Home Shows and shopping so my crew chose to say clear.
The last thing you need is kids tagging along when shopping for home stuff.
HG made guacamole for the 1st time all alone Friday night.
It accompanied our Fuzzy's tacos because I was in no mood to cook.
I offered.
The entire house was rockin' a big attitude.
Harper decided to get up at 4 and cry until 1:30.
Dang you ears.
This was our Friday afternoon once Harper went down for a nap.

Harper went through the clothes on Friday as well.
I tried everything, even climbing in the crib.
HG gave her a Dora blanket and she went right to sleep.
Dang you Dora and your spells with kids who don't watch tv.
Saturday morning wake up call.
Hey, it was 10 minutes to 9.
Watching for dad to pull up. HG and I headed to Caitlin's birthday party where we all take swim lessons.
We love this place and what a rockin' idea for a birthday party.
Everything is indoors and the pool is warm with slides.
The only downfall is that after two hours, you are done.
Can't stick around.
Another party scheduled.
We're still debating HG's 5th birthday.
Had planned on Disney World but will probably hold a bit.
Who wants to sweat their tail off in the summer heat?
I've been talking to her about a small gathering.

We are getting some much needed rain tonight.
I am super thankful the hail and damaging winds did not hit us.
I am so excited about tomorrow.
Church, spending time with my Aunt and enjoying spring break.
Wait until you see what we have in store for spring break.
We just thought we had nothing planned. :) 

Thank you for all the text and emails on Harper, she is feeling better. By Monday, she should be back to her rockin' self.  Her cough, sinus infection and irritability are much better.  Her ear is as well, still pussing but much less. Even with plugs in her ears or a wrap, I made her miss the party just to be safe. She slept the entire two hours we were there.

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  1. Love the picture of HG with her guacamole.
    I'm so sorry we can't meet you today! :(
    I hope that Harper is MUCH much better.