Thursday, March 21, 2013

Our girls

We've had a nice, slow paced week around here.
Harper has yet another ear and sinus infection.
That is ear infection #4 since mid Feb.
Surgery is soon and we are hoping this helps her chronic ear and sinus issues.

The husband is crazy busy with Real Estate and work.
I am thankful he is here for the day of Harper's surgery, my sister is helping and then my dad is coming to stay the night.
I am SO thankful they always drop everything to help.
I haven't stayed in contact with the sitters I met from
Tubes aren't a big deal really, they bounce back so fast.
Seriously, lighting speed.
The rest of it will take about 2 weeks to fully heal.
Bad breath for 2 weeks but I'll take it.
Hopefully she will start feeling like herself 3-5 days after her surgery.
We are not removing tonsils at this time so that alone will speed up recovery.
 photo 2ee70de6-1847-4c7a-917c-6d34e8a73c1e.jpg
My big girl is SO ready for summer.
She longs for the days of bare feet and sunshine.
 photo B6364179-077D-49E7-BAAE-10EBEFC2B56D-7893-0000099CEB68960A.jpg
No fear.
Unless mama leaves the room.
 photo 43AD6229-D337-4814-A075-B254A0D8EEE6-7893-0000099CC1F814EA.jpg
late nap equals late bed.
Surely she will sleep past 7.
 photo EC913336-1299-4339-80B9-925DFCDD6451-7893-0000099CB8B25520.jpg
HG shared her surprise afternoon snack with Harper today.
First big thing or meal she has had since Tuesday at breakfast.
First thing that has stayed down.
 photo 8C9F506C-AAD9-4FFC-969B-A5CF3734E70A-7893-0000099CA7B55B7D.jpg
Lots of fun things planned for school Easter party.
 photo E1074695-E60E-4FED-9A73-C5BF8683B259-7893-0000099C9496F7AD.jpg
Frozen yogurt, trying to get something in her.
Yeah, that lasted about 10 minutes.
 photo 800D20CE-858D-4E5F-87C9-22CECF2F1BD4-7893-0000099C8D1F91C0.jpg
Harper took HG's Bun Bun to the ENT Wednesday.
That did not go over well but clearly you can tell Harper didn't care.
 photo 8023EEDE-EFA0-4A78-953E-43C1CF22DDFD-7893-0000099C7FA1310B.jpg
 photo EB8C88AE-07AD-4933-A390-A56357792C13-6197-000007948C8D56EA.jpg
love matching and monogrammed items.

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