Sunday, March 24, 2013

Friends of Gold

I love that some of our friends are more like family to us.
I love that we would do anything in the world for the other.
I love that they are amazing in their own ways.

Saturday, we headed to Costco for lunch and a few things.
A detour for lunch kept the girls full of smiles and got us out of the craziness of lunch on a Saturday at Costco.
Costco on a Saturday, that is scary without kids in tow.

 photo F5B83843-98BE-4B6B-9414-9F01FCB7AFDC-10666-00000CC77567C4CD.jpg
When we wash her hair with baby shampoo, this is the result.
 photo A328B266-2948-4041-BCB2-13A363244821-10666-00000CC7877D74E7.jpg  photo 4298CE14-7D93-416B-88CA-6D8C28ACA312-10666-00000CC77D34925C.jpg  photo B32BD259-5AF9-47DD-A33B-7AB43AE3D3D2-10666-00000CC76D70DDEA.jpg 
Terri showed up with Easter cookies from Panera for the kids.
Oh my word delicious.

Jason, Jessica, Terri, Justin, Riler, Kalli and Keller joined us for dinner Saturday night.
Jason brought over back strap (venison) and venison sausage.
We served up queso, cajun shrimp cocktail, oh my word good rolls, pizza and a huge salad.
The Holcombes came with the too good to be true cookies, yummy beer and a carrot cake.
I guess you could say we all ate well.
 photo 6C72D275-5DC4-4642-AB29-DD69672CDFF9-10666-00000CC72F96C598.jpg
Harper was simply in love with baby Keller.
Terri let her hold him and she was speechless and frozen.
It was so cute.
I held my breath that Harper didn't hurt the baby.
Baby Keller is just a month old but already so good.
 photo E6A60B9E-4E50-42D7-9AD1-0DC4B551E8AA-10666-00000CC72ADFAC6E.jpg 
Harper so excited when given the yummy Easter cookie.
Here she was smiling at Terri.
 photo 5EC4DC70-30BF-46DD-8062-6E3BC04D84CB-10666-00000CC72404D22B.jpg
She looks so tiny and cute here.
We lost almost a pound this past week so I am hoping she gained a little back over the weekend.
She is our little bit for sure.

Girl woke up wheezing a little more than the previous days.
She was so sweet but clingy and gnawing on everything in site.
Including HG's big toe that apparently looked delicious.
I think I threw up a little in my mouth.
HG yelped like no other.

 photo AEB80A46-FEAE-4D31-89B1-3E1B1CE0CB78-10666-00000CC7671D2CAF.jpg 
 photo D2401BB7-CAE4-4E88-AE2A-3E2327583DCB-10666-00000CC756AB2781.jpg 
We rode ponies on this cold, windy Sunday.
  photo 4F2A93DE-2972-4634-BA0D-02FEEF342980-10666-00000CC74BA93787.jpg
And made pretend ponies
 photo 9D733E25-F0B3-4B50-8411-6BF8965FD521-10666-00000CC744E01D05.jpg
Then heard Harper holler.
All we could do is laugh, typical Harper.
 photo A2473BCA-2CBF-4702-B490-31D379040496-10666-00000CC73513F03C.jpg
 photo C69613E5-E5DD-411D-B6B4-40B436826600-10666-00000CC73F43776B.jpg

If you have an extra prayer, please say it tonight.
Harper's surgery is in the morning. 
We need the tubes and adenoid removal to go smoothly.
We need her not to be wheezing bad in the morning so she will be able to have the surgery.
The ENT will remove the adenoids through the mouth while Harper is asleep.

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  1. Praying for Harper!
    Your weekend sounds like it was great fun!