Friday, March 8, 2013

Teddy O'Toole

This is SO HG.
This is rice all over the kitchen.
For some reason HG felt the need to cut the boil in the bag rice.
Then toss it in. 
Let's just say it flew everywhere when she tossed it in.
I was in the kitchen opening the cabinet next to the stove and had rice in my panties.
It shot all the way into the living room.
What a mess.
Harper loves that $1 scarecrow.

HG's dream bunny.
Yea right.
Pulling weeds so we can plant flowers.
Thursday was HG's St Patrick's Day Celebration.
Teddy O'Toole was there.
He is a leprechaun. 
Such fun for the kids.

Sweet Harper trying to get some rest.
HG couldn't stay awake for Daddy.
Silly girls
One of Harper's obsessions
Sweet Harper after getting a little rest.

Harper ended up in Urgent care with a sore throat and another severe ear infection.
Poor girl.
Our ENT is on Spring Break next week so we won't be able to get in until the 20.
It is still going strong and has added congestion to the mix.
They always go together in her case.
She is pouring green snot and cranky.

Mia and Auntie Collins have been out here.
Bella girl and Noah too.
Little dogs are so much entertainment for kids.
Aunt Tonia and Carly arrive tomorrow.
The husband is home too.
Hopefully it will be a wonderful weekend, minus the rain and sick kid.

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  1. The rice all over the floor...cracking me least you let her cook. I am not as brave. I need to get better, and let my guard down. Boyd loves helping in the kitchen, but I usually am swatting him away. :) You're such a fun mama!