Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend home

Im sitting here in a super clean house, okay mostly clean except for mopping and a basket of laundry, and I am worn out. Harper had a roughy day, she wore us all down quickly.

We've had a nice little weekend around here. The girls and I did not go outside or anywhere until late Saturday and that was just to swing in the yard. I actually even stayed in, the boys took them out. It was cold and HG's dinner was cooking so I stayed in. Harper took a foot to the back of the head and as she turned around to see what it was, she took a swinging foot on the mouth. Split lip inside and out, poor gal she is one tough cookie.

The husbands brother was in town so we were lucky enough to steal a little of his time. We always love seeing him! HG had been waiting on him to pull up since she woke Saturday morning. Harper warmed up and was loving on him quickly. Jason an Jessica joined us for Papa Murphy's and cocktails to round out our evening. Downfall....from Harper's room you can seriously hear all. I'm debating on switching her to the playroom and playroom to her room. It is amazing the difference in noise levels between the two.

Sunday was greeted to Harper throwing up all over me at 6:50. Then on the couch and all down my pants an hour later. She had no desire in napping, just massive fit throwing. A 30 minute car ride put her out while I snuck into Old Navy to see what I could find. No worries, she was fully covered by a blanket over the stroller so no germs being passed around. I think it is teeth, my girls throw up at the drop of a hat and always from
teething or ear infections.

We have some surprise visits this week that couldn't have happened at a better time. Both girls are going around chanting their names and looking out the window. Waiting is never fun when you are a kid.

Nice low key weekends are always nice. Cleaning counts as low key right?

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