Saturday, March 23, 2013

Our girls part 2

Most of you know that we are pretty old fashion when it comes to raising our daughters.
Apparently a lot more so than many of our friends.
From what we hear.
They might still be in their teens wearing lace ruffled bloomers and smocked dresses.
I am 100% okay with that.
I want to attend prom with them and want their dates mom to go as well.
We limit who they are around, what they are exposed to, what schools they will attend.
We gave up an extra income so I could stay home and spend that extra time with them.
Smother them.
Of course, we aren't implying our way of raising children is the best.
I am sure it is completely opposite in some opinions.
It is what works best for us.

If people only think one thing of my husband and I, we want them to think we are great parents.
And that we loved each other and our little family so much it hurts.
That we try our hardest and always have our girls best interest at heart.
Sure days are challenging, sometimes you just want to scream.
Each night before bed, no matter how challenging the day is, we always tell them how much we love them and how amazing they are.
That God made them special for us.
To always turn to God for troubles.

I've been stressing a little lately about schools and the future with our girls.
Where we are going to live.
What state.
The list goes on.
Okay, maybe a lot of stressing.
Children are so impressionable at this age.
Girls can be mean.
Boys can be rough.
Maybe I should worry about Harper roughing kids up.
Public schools don't allow God anymore, will this be okay?
Do we give them enough influence through Church and home?

I saw this blog and it spoke directly to my heart.
I cried in Target recently when shopping for HG's summer clothes.
I do not like the big kid section but love the baby section.
It would be so much easier if I could protect and shield them from everything.
I love telling them that they are amazing, special and just as they are supposed to be.
God made them.
Don't listen to the negativity.
Always find the good in people.
I wasn't always the ideal person or student growing up.
I could be very mean.
I was a snob.
I made mistakes.
I want my daughters to love each other and those around them.
I want them to look past the labels and into others hearts.
I want them to understand that others will be mean and we will all cry together but that tomorrow, it is a new day and that person might be their best friend.
I want them to know that everyone is fighting a battle of some sort and not to judge too quickly.
Some of my favorite people are the ones opposite of me and because that, they make me a better person.
I want them to find those amazing people and things that God put on this for us.
I want them always to put God first.

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  1. I love this. Every.Single. Word. And I am so there with you, on so much of it!