Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sunny Day

The husband rolled in around 1:30 last night.
No worries, he didn't land until midnight but arrived home just in time for Harper to get up.
This surgery has her ears, neck and throat really hurting.
Especially during the night or other periods of rest.
Last night and the previous one, it was about 5-6 hours of cries and moans.
 photo ED444109-DE68-4465-BED3-26542DAD0BB8-14564-00001095384BC97B.jpg

 photo 0813A2D2-65C2-4BBF-843A-3B7BDD3AF8D1-14564-0000109531FB2E80.jpg
 photo F61D2C0E-C045-44E3-90EF-D34D61D73992-14564-00001095293EC8BB.jpg
Fell asleep watching Duck Dynasty
 photo 6E236FBF-CDC8-4851-906B-40BC5A17FACE-14564-0000109504ACE0AD.jpg
Her eating as improved since surgery.
 photo 9007A8F4-3098-4AB4-9AAE-7BC365EAFE49-14564-00001094FAC1104A.jpg  photo 72C2FE2B-FE9F-4BAF-98F4-B04412936AC9-14564-00001094F282B883.jpg It was beautiful outside yesterday so we tried to enjoy it s much as we could.
 photo 5B8B265C-C03C-4E94-8774-587B9BA900F9-14564-0000109BAA9361E6.jpg
Yesterday was HG's friends 5th birthday.
We were lucky enough to join them for some fun.
 photo D01109FD-EB2A-443C-A06A-042B80603E40-14564-0000109BAF999AA0.jpg
Adorable friends.
 Nicolle is always great about snapping pictures.
 photo CE5AC81B-B047-4FA8-AB03-F9F31305E018-14564-00001094E65B4F46.jpg  photo CE5AC81B-B047-4FA8-AB03-F9F31305E018-14564-00001094E65B4F46.jpg  photo 5B2032AC-92D8-4642-BCA5-3F6676C5426F-14564-00001094CDAD9057.jpg  photo CEB8A22E-060D-427A-8631-A38A9540CB70-14564-0000109AA7C51730.jpg

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