Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Break Part 1

Our blogger has been being a pain lately, I have asked the husband to lend a hand.
Hopefully we will come up with a better idea.

our Spring Break has been going great.
First part, we had Mia, Aunt Tonia and cousin Carly here.
Lots of laughter and hugs.
 photo 0c94f0ff-a120-4b37-a30c-21358a999ffb.jpg  photo fa3c3ccc-3620-4f5f-8173-8bfa5b4a5d61.jpg  photo skinny-1.jpg  photo photo1.jpg  photo photo.jpg
Tried a new meal, turned out well.
Spinach and cheese wrapped skirt steak.
Skirt steak isn't my favorite but it turned out good. photo harper.jpg
Shopping will wear you out. photo h-1.jpg
Harper cried for 15 minutes straight when Aunt Tonia and cousin Carly left.
15 minutes solid.
out onya and go airplane
Harper will get her Aunt Tonia fix, she is keeping her for 10 days soon.
10 DAYS.
 photo he.jpg  photo 21bf7c72-c074-4492-bbd9-c6e613badf68.jpg
I was terrible at taking pictures so hopefully Carly will email me some this weekend.
We LOVED having the chance to spend time with them.

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  1. What has blogger been doing? I hope you got it fixed. I just heard that Google Reader is going away in July. I'm not sure how that all works but apparently the blogs that I follow will go away unless I chose another forum. I'm confused!