Monday, May 23, 2011

5th Anniversary

Chris and I celebrated our 5th anniversary on May 20th.

We had planned on a trip.

But my brother's graduation fell the same weekend.

So our trip got put on hold and off to Houston we went.

We celebrated with lots of food.


On the way down to Houston, we stopped for lunch at Sam's.

The father in law had mentioned the place a few times so we decided to give it a try.

It definitely lived up to his words.

Sam's is a place where you can order off the menu or have the buffet for about $10.

We all 3 of course had the buffet.

A salad bar with all the fixings was the first trip.

The next several consisted of fried chicken, roasted chicken, BBQ brisket, chicken fried steak and smoked sausage.

We had enough food for 3 days.

We couldn't forget the vegetables -corn, beans, green beans....all soaked in butter.

Or the desserts - ice cream, every kind of pie under the sun and cobbler.

Yes, we tried many of the desserts.

After making it to Houston and settling in, we were off for our big date.

HG stayed with Uncle JD, Kendall and Poppy.

She was exhausted but so excited to be there, she kept going until after 10.

The husband and I headed to one of our favorite spots, Vic and Anthony's.

It is seriously one of our top places to dine.

Even in Vegas, we stop in for wine and the seafood tower.

I enveyed the husband's tall glass of red wine while I sipped on my water.

Our first course was broiled portabello mushrooms with basil oil and fresh mozzarella.

Next up was a chopped salad for me and lobster bisque for the husband.

All the starts were very tasteful.

For the main course, the husband had a steak and I dined on cold water lobster.


i was so full that I let him choose the side dishes.

Au gratin potatoes and creamed spinach.

Of course, his favorites.

While they were delicious, I seriously could only handle a couple of bites.

We opted out of dessert but they bought us one for our celebration.

It was really sweet of them.

The husband had an after dinner drink while I let me food settle.

I was worried about rolling out of there.

If you haven't been to Vic and Anthony's, I highly recommend it.

The rest of the evening constisted of River Monsters.


You know you are a married couple if you are too exhausted to do anything else but watch the tube.

I actually had to search for pictures from our wedding. They weren't on our home computer but I managed to find them on an old snapfish account. Here are a few snaps from that day. I honestly have no idea who actually snapped the pictures because they were from numerous dates.

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