Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's day has grown to become one of the most important Holidays to me.
Not that I need reminding how incredibly lucky I am to be a mom.
I am reminded of that each and every day.
I have an amazing little one and a feisty flipping baby growing in my belly.
But I also look at it as a day to celebrate my children.
To show them how much they mean to me.
That we Mothers celebrate Mother's day because God chose them for us.
He knew they were perfect for us and made just for us.
Our children turned us into Mothers.
I pray for those suffering this time of the year.
Praying for those desired children.
Praying for those Angel children.

We thought we would have an almost 3 year old and a 3 month old this weekend.
God had a different plan.
I am sitting here 3 or so months pregnant.
I have to tell myself that often because HE KNOWS our future.
He knows the perfect little one going us.
It took me a long time to stop living the life I wanted to life but rather live the life that HE wants me to live.
We all need to live that like.

Our Mother's Day was low key and just what I needed.
Woke to Poppy having breakfast of champions waiting on us, McDonalds.
HG loves their sausage, eggs, butter and biscuits.
That is when she will eat breakfast.

For lunch, we dined with Mia and Auntie Collins at Cafe italia.
So yummy!
I had Chicken Aristocrat.
Two chicken breast, pasta, creamy roasted sauce topped with eggplant.
I cleared my plate.
And I think I had 2 loaves of bread.

The afternoon was spent at the book store, napping and playing.
We were able to visit my grandparents a little before dinner.
HG had a last playing out there.
I just love their house and all the amazing birds and ducks on the golf course.
So pretty!
Everything is soooooooo green from all the rains.
HG may or may not has tossed a few handfuls of bird seed in the pool.
Poppy loves chips and salsa.
HG knows if she tells him she wants some, she gets some.
After visiting with the grandparents, off to LaFogata we went.
She was soooooooo good.
Soooooo good.
Ate tons of food.
It was getting close to bedtime so it is either hit or miss with dinners out.
Bath, toy story 3 and cuddle time.
She crashed and I stayed up to finally start my book, Heaven is for real.
I could have read it all night.
I will probably finish today.
So good.
A must read for everyone...

Copper got great report at the surgeon today.
Probably still another month before the is better.
We grabbed chicken minis and Brooke after the appointment for a little running around.

HG took me to Beehives today and bought me 2 pair of TOMS.
Thanks my love!
Or maybe I should say thanks to the hubby since he'll be getting the bill.
Thanks love!

We are heading back to DFW this afternoon.
The husband flies in later.
I have school with HG in the morning.
I thought it was Thursday.
Glad to checked.
I would have won the worst mom of the year award.

Enjoy your week!

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  1. Sounds like you had a fun day. I also had the same thought yesterday, I wanted to celebrate Boyd, because he made me a mom! :))

    A friend just read Heaven is for Real. She is mailing it to me. I can't wait to read it.