Saturday, May 14, 2011

Babe's, books & Bells

Friday the husband surprised us with lunch at Babe's.

You all know I love some Babe's.

Even more so when pregnant.

I think I could drink their salad dressing.


The little one was already starving though.

That meant car sickness if I didn't feed her first.

Then we chance a diaster at lunch if she isn't eating.

I nicely asked her what she would like for a snack before riding to lunch.

I was thinking tacos, eggs, yogurt, etc.

Hot dogs, cheetos and strawberries.

I was way off.

Luckily, I had hot dogs in the freezer.

After 2 dogs, a handful of cheetos and her strawberries, off we went.

I may or may not have had lunch with her too.


Babe's was wonderful as always.

HG still ate and behaved well.

Traffic was a nightmare getting out there.

Lights on William D Tate and 26 were broken.

That makes for a looooooooong drive just to Hwy 114.

Litterly, a few miles away.

Took about 30 minutes.

We arrived about 15 til 2.

They close from 2-5.

People were still coming in well after 2 so I didn't feel that bad. Grandaddy, HG and Chris

Scares me everytime.

Clowning around at the park Friday evening.

Walking to Towne Lake Park.

Trying out all the chairs at Babe's.

She doesn't want to look at the camera.

Yes, she chose her outfit.

We were playing dress up Friday morning.

Then the husband said he'd take us to Babe's.

Like I was going to manage prying her princess outfit off.

She has made more friends in the past week with her princess outfits.


We stopped at Half Price Books in Irving.

Yes, we started in Grapevine then Ronoake then Grapevine and now Irving.

The husband wonders why my gas goes so fast.

Being just a few miles away from the Bell's house, we stopped in for a visit.

And got treated to dinner at Chipotle followed by a walk in the park.


HG had a lot of fun playing with her grandparents.

My Thirty One gifts arrived.

I was beyond excited!!!

Love them all.

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