Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wicked weather

I guess my bad luck just isn't up yet....
I've cleaned up poop off the floor.
Pee off the carpet.
Milk off the wood floor and rug.
Poop off the bathroom floor.
Poop off the potty.
Poop off my kid.
Poop off my feet and arms.
Many spilled glasses of water.
Many, many glasses of water on the carpet.
Tiny pieces of cut up paper.
I mean tiny.
Itty bitty.
A bottle of shampoo in the tub.
I think you get my drift.
Holy cow!
I could have a glass of wine, I think I would have the whole bottle tonight

This is all while I was packing up the winter/fall clothes.
Three hours working to finish HG's clothes and to do mine.

On to happier things.
My addiction or my newest addiction.

This past Tuesday, I had my Thirty One Gifts party.

Wow, was it a hit.

I had friends ordering from all over.

I wish my party would have been a week earlier.

The party closed a few short days after the event.

BUT...everyone can still order, anytime.

I've said this before and I'll say it again.....

This is my newest addiction.

I just love personalized items.

Especially for children.

It is a must. I finally ordered ME something.


I got this Medium thermal tote in Zebra print with a W on the front.

HG has one.

The hubby and I have one to share.

But why not have my own?

The #1 thing I wanted to order.

I love the collapsible thermal coolers.

While I love love love the St Andrews Tartan, I went with the Boho Patchwork.

It says The Bells on the front.

Since hitting a certain point in the party, I was able to get this cute towel for $10.

It is so big, cozy and great!

I just had Bell printed on the end.

I almost did HG.

So close to HG.

That girl has beach towels.

Plus Uncle JD and Aunt Kendall just gave her a new one in her Easter basket.

This will work perfectly as a diaper bag or a run around bag with one or two kids.

I went with the Paparazzi dot after seeing how cute it was in real life.

And it will work with a girl or a boy.

Yes, it got an H on it.

Should work for both kids.

I doubt it will survive and make the 3rd one.

We are pretty rough on bags.

This print is simply adorable.

HG wants everything pink.

Pink, pink pink.

I thought this would be a cute way for her to have her pink but other fashionable colors too.

This is a cinch sac.

Kind of like a backpack but smaller and lighter.

I got her initials on it.

It will be her beach/pool bag/one night bag.

This month, the special was if you spent $31, you got this bag 1/2 off.

It came to $9.

I'm all about a good deal.

I had a hard time making up my mind on the colors.

Did I want to use it in the nursery?

In HG's room?

Living room?


I figured I wouldn't use it in either kids room.

Most likely it would be in the living room for remotes, diapers/wipes or similar.

I decided to plan on using it for a stash of wipes and diapers in the living room or game room.

I went with the above colors.

If I decide not to use it for diapers and wipes, it can go in the office.

If you haven't ordered something, I highly recommend it.
Or be a rep.
How fun would that be!?!
Maybe when we settle.
I think I'd spend every penny though.

The weather is yuk here.
Oh so cold.
Tornado watches.
Tomorrow high is around 50.
Comfort food time!!!
Chicken, rice and broccoli casserole.
Chocolate chip cookies.

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  1. Oh my goodness, you had a hard day. It's so crazy how one task can get interrupted by so much mess when you have a little one!

    I really do love all of those 31 store items. So cute! Can't wait to get my catalog.