Thursday, May 26, 2011

Play dates, gym & Target

Yesterday flew by.
I learned that sunscreen is on clearance for a reason.
I learned that my french fry addiction is still present after pulling through McDonald's for a drink.

Tuesday after dropping HG off for MDO, I headed to Kohl's.

She LOVES dresses.

Seriously Loves them.

My friend Nicolle's son took this picture of HG.

Isn't it cute?

He was just snapping away.

She was so interested in the camera.

And what Boyd was doing. We love the park.

Notice, she is in a dress.

We started in shorts, tank and tennis shoes.

She put on a dress and her crocs.

They are adorable! She is just too funny!

Yes, I have boxes on in this picture.
They are just pulled way up.
The other side of my leg is white.
Right down the middle you can see the line.
HG's shoulders and face were fried.
That sunscreen is in the trash.
Oh- don't you just love the potty too?

After our park date, HG slept 3 hours.

I had to wake her at 5:15 or I knew it would be a late night.

It actually still was.

I think I told her she was going to get a spanking 15 times.

Maybe if I would have followed through on the first threat, the other 14 times wouldn't have happened.

Jax and Derc stayed with us last night and came over around 7.

The kids played well until 8:30.

I knew it was past Jax's bedtime and Derc's had arrived.

I put pjs on and Jax was out like a light.

Derc got to watch Olivia at 9 and then he followed and crashed in minutes.

9:30....I put HG in my bed and I shower.

10:30....she is still up so I lube her shoulders again.

11:00.....the threats start and her pottying every 2 minutes begin.

11:30.....I hear her snoring.

Goodness gracious!

She as up at 6:30 this morning for milk and 7 for the day.

I bet she is cranky when I pick her up from school.

I made the gym today for the first time in years.

2 years I think.

Don't worry, I didn't over do it.

Just the treadmill and elliptical.

It helps me a whole lot.

Like a whole lot.

I love the fact that many pregnant women work out until they deliver.

After, while walking through Target I got this crazy hunger.

Like belly growling and the whole isle can hear it.

I helped myself to cookies.

Well, they were called snack crackers but goodness they were sweet.

The husband comes home tonight.

We're planning on pizza and salad from Vito's.


Mark and Amanda are heading in tomorrow.

My dad is coming over for lunch on Saturday.

(didn't I just get saying how I love his love for HG??)

Ranger tickets on Saturday evening.

Mass on Sunday.

I think the husband is going to the Byron Nelson.

Swim party with friends on Monday by the lake.

hooray for 3 day weekends!

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