Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ranger Game

A Holiday weekend isn't complete without a sporting a event of some kind.

Lucky for us, one of our games happened to fall on Saturday night.

When we arrived, our truck said 99F.

It was hot.

Not much wind in the stadium.

My khaki shorts, were dripping from sweat.

Looked like I peed my pants.

By 7:30, the sun down and it honestly wasn't too bad.

HG LOVES the Ranger games.

Loves them.
After each home run and fireworks, she would scream for another.

Then cheer and dance.

A large pickle is always a game must for us.

Topped with a little mustard.

Daddy bought her Cotton candy.

I knew my red TOMS would come in handy.

They were so comfy.
Lil' Ranger fan.

Waiting on the game to start.

There ended up being a family of 45 behind us.

Most of the family enjoyed sunflower seeds.

So did the back and inside of my shirt.


I wanted to slap them silly.

One girl was uncontrollable.

She kept throwing a hard slap bracelet at those around her.

It only hit me once or I would have said something.

Even with all that going on, we still had a blast.

Jason and a work friend sat next to us.

Justin and Ryler next to them.

HG kept wanting to watch them.

I guess she thought Kalli would magically appear if she watched long enough.

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